Large Kegerator - 58" Wide - Growler Filling Station Edition - Includes CrafTap Ultra + 4-Tap Tower
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PEGAS CraftTap Ultra is a super-compact, cost-efficient, and powerful growler filler designed for fast and foam-free filling of draught beer from kegs into glass bottles.

This European-made draft beer dispensing device allows for a hassle-free, efficient counter-pressure growler filling experience. When you install a growler inside this filling station, the system counter pressurizes the growler with CO2 before filling it with beer, which eliminates oxygen and ensures a longer-lasting growler for your customers.

When you start pouring the beer, it cascades down the inside growler wall preventing it from a foam buildup and ensuring a bottom-up fill.

Growler Filler PEGAS CrafTap Ultra Features:

  • Fills a 2-liter glass growler in 1 minute
  • Oxygen-free and foam-free filling
  • 98% keg yield 
  • 30-45 day growler shelf life
  • Preserves the flavor, carbonation, and freshness that are vital for premium beer
  • Allows you to pour beverages into all types of glass bottles, jars, and growlers
  • Minimized beer drainage
  • Ideal for craft breweries and beer bars

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