Ball Lock Kegs

A beer keg ball lock is a simple and convenient way of storing and dispensing beer. Beverage Craft offers a wide variety of ball lock kegs for kegging homebrew - browse our selection to pick the right size, material, pressure rating, and volume to get the ideal keg for your homebrewing needs.

What Is a Ball Lock Keg?

Ball lock kegs are a type of keg that features a simple and reliable mechanism using a ring of ball bearings to secure gas and liquid connections to the keg. These kegs have gained popularity among homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts due to their ease of use and durability.

A ball lock keg system consists of two primary ball lock keg components: the keg itself and the ball lock keg connectors (fittings).

The keg typically features a stainless steel body, allowing for durability and the preservation of flavor. The ball lock fittings, located on the lid and the body of the keg, function as quick disconnects. They allow for easy attachment and detachment of air and beer lines.

What to Look for When Choosing Ball Lock Kegs

Here are several key factors you should consider when shopping for a ball lock keg at Beverage Craft:

  • Size

When we talk about ball lock keg size, we usually mean these three parameters:

  • ball lock keg dimensions (might be important if you’re planning to store your kegs in a limited space and potentially stack them)

  • ball lock keg height (see above)

  • ball lock diameter (depending on the diameter, you can fit one or more kegs into a kegerator)

As a rule, ball lock kegs come in 1.5-gal, 2.5-gal, 5-gal and sometimes 10-gal varieties. Determine the suitable keg size based on your batch size requirements and available storage space.

If you’re not sure how tall is a ball lock keg, please refer to the specifications section of the product description.

  • Material

Opt for kegs made from high-quality stainless steel for longevity and resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel kegs are also easier to clean and maintain.

  • Pressure rating

Verify the keg's pressure rating, as it determines its strength and ability to withstand carbonation. Look for kegs with a pressure rating that matches the levels you intend to carbonate at to avoid any potential safety risks.

  • Condition

Consider whether you prefer new or used kegs. While new kegs offer a guarantee of quality, used kegs can be a more budget-friendly option. Conduct a thorough inspection of used kegs to ensure they are free from dents, leaks, or other damages that may affect performance.

Another important thing is not to mix up ball lock with a similar, yet differently functioning system called pin lock. Learn more about the ball lock vs pin lock keg problem.

Ball Lock Keg Setup

Setting up a ball lock keg system is a relatively straightforward process, typically consisting of the following steps:

  1. Cleaning

Before you start setting up a keg (whether it’s new or used), it is absolutely necessary to clean and sanitize it properly. Remove any residual debris, sanitize with a suitable cleaner, and rinse thoroughly to ensure a germ-free environment for your beer.

  1. Carbonation and pressure

Once cleaned, attach a carbonation stone or ball lock gas disconnect to the gas post on the keg lid. This allows you to carbonate the beverage by injecting pressurized CO2. Adjust the desired pressure level based on your beer carbonation requirements.

  1. Liquid dispensing

Connect a ball lock liquid disconnect to the liquid post on the keg lid. Attach the beverage line and open the faucet to enjoy your home-brewed beer.

Remember, always handle kegs with care and follow safety guidelines for handling carbonated beverages to prevent accidents or injuries. 

For more information on how to hook up a keg and set up a ball lock + kegerator system, please refer to the Beverage Craft blog. Also, we offer some of the finest kegerators for sale, so be sure to check our selection as well.

Where to Buy Ball Lock Kegs in Canada and the USA

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