Flash Chillers

Flash chillers are a great way to serve wine to your guests at the restaurant, home, or large outdoor events. It’s been used in wine-producing countries like Italy for years and now it’s coming to North America bigtime.

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What Makes Flash Chillers So Great?

Here’s how flash chillers beats out bottled beer - the 4 main advantages of wine-on-tap equipment:

✓ Reduces costs

The cost of bottled wine if inflated due to the inefficient packaging and supply process. With flash chillers, you get rid of things like corking, labeling, handling and disposing of a multitude of bottles. If you think of it, all these things don’t add any real value to the wine - so why would you pay for them?

✓ Preserves quality

As soon as you opened a bottle of wine, it starts to spoil, which puts you as the restaurant owner in a position where you have to get rid of that bottle as quickly as possible. With wine-on-tap, you will be able to preserve the original quality for as long as you need.

✓ Improves efficiency

Using flash chillers can seriously increase the efficiency and consistency within your operation. Storage is more compact in a keg thus allowing you to increase the volume of product on hand without increasing your storage space. Plus, beer or wine on tap is quicker to pour than regular cork wine.

✓ Eliminates waste

Flash chillers have an ideal environmental record since they allow you to replace a constant stream of disposable glass bottles with reusable kegs.


Commercial Flash Chillers Chiller

This type of chilling unit will enable you to cool wine from multiple kegs, which makes it an ideal choice for wineries as well as bars, restaurants, and hotels, which offer wine on tap.

No matter what sort of beer or wine you have in there, you can always be sure it’s exactly as the winemaker intended it. From the winery - either the barrel or the stainless steel tank - straight to the stainless steel keg and then to the stainless steel tap, there isn’t a cleaner and safer way to preserve wine.

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Flash Chillers For Festivals and Outdoor Events

If you’re planning to hold a major outdoor event or simply want to enjoy fresh beer or wine in a company of your friends and relatives, you might want to consider a wine tap station.

These flash chillers cooling devices are super handy and can be used together with jockey boxes, provided you got electricity to power them up.

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