Kegerator Kits & Accessories

Kegerator conversion kit is a kind of beer magic - and white magic that is! It can easily turn your old fridge into a fully functional beer dispensing unit while saving you a hefty sum of money on the side.

The conversion process is really straightforward and simple - and it won’t require any specific knowledge: just some power tools, common DIY skills, and a bit of inspiration. After you’ve created your own home kegerator, you will be pouring ice-cold beer at any time and place for your and your guests’ enjoyment.

If you’d like to buy a complete kegerator kit and not sure which one is right for you, feel free to contact our team at (866) 590-9299. Our specialists will consult you on the availability, price, parts, and installation.

What Is a Kegerator Conversion Kit?

For those of you who may not be that familiar with the whole craft beer culture, a kegerator is a modified refrigerator that keeps the beer keg cool while dispensing.

Being an essential part of equipment for any draft beer bar, pub, or restaurant, kegerators have been used extensively in the industry for many years. With the rise of the craft beer culture in the early 2000s, kegerators have become available to the general public and beer enthusiasts, many of whom have bought and installed them at home.

However, buying a ready-made home kegerator can be a bit pricey and doesn’t work for everyone. That’s where kegerator conversion kits come into play.

DIY kegerator kit is a set of components required to convert a standard refrigerator into a beer-dispensing beauty for indoor use mostly.

A complete kegerator kit usually consists of the following elements:

  • Faucet handle
  • Faucet (beer tap)
  • Beer shank
  • Hex nut assembly + black rubber washers
  • Beer line
  • Keg coupler
  • Air line
  • CO2 regulator
  • Beer gas tank (may or may not be included)

How to Install a Kegerator Kit

As we’ve mentioned before, you can easily turn a refurbished refrigerator into a personal beer-dispensing unit with a proper home kegerator kit.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • old or refurbished refrigerator
  • drill
  • beer keg
  • carbon dioxide (CO2) tank
  • kegerator conversion kit with all the parts we’ve mentioned above
  • crescent wrench
  • Philips-head screwdriver
  • drip tray
  • beer line cleaning kit
  • a bunch of friends for support and inspiration=)

Now that’s all the tools and components are in place, it’s time to convert!

Step 1. Clean the refrigerator thoroughly and remove any shelves that might still be in there. You’re going to need all the space available to house the beer keg and the CO2 cylinder with a pressure regulator.

Step 2. Drill a hole for the shank in the refrigerator door, insert the door spacer in the hole and run the shank through. Then tighten it with the crescent wrench and connect it to the beer line inside the refrigerator using clamps. After that, you should connect the faucet to the outside part of the shank.
The beer line runs all the way from the shank to the beer coupler on one end and to the CO2 regulator on the other end.

Step 3. Attach the drip tray to the outside of the refrigerator, just under the faucet.

Step 4. Connect the beer line between the faucet and the keg, and the air line between the CO2 tank and the keg. Make sure all hose clamps are tightened with a screwdriver and the tanks are secured. The CO2 pressure should be set to between 7 and 12 psi.

Step 5. Flush and sanitize the beer and air lines in accordance with the instructions provided in your kegerator cleaning kit. The cleaning procedure should be done regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria, yeast, and mold.

Step 6. Call the friends that have probably been helping you all this time and start pouring ice-cold, draft beer right away!

How to Choose the Right DIY Kegerator Kit

When it comes to choosing the right DIY kegerator kit, there are a few things you may need to consider:

  • Number of beer lines (and, ultimately, taps) - currently, we’re offering kegerator kits for one, two, three, four or five beer lines with the corresponding number of products. Here’s a nice double tap kegerator conversion kit
  • Type of gas used for dispensing - carbon dioxide or nitrogen. CO2 fits most North American and European beers but if you plan to serve Guinness or any other stouts, you should go with nitrogen
  • Type of keg - usually, it’s a standard beer keg or a Cornelius keg. Depending on your choice, you will need a different kegerator conversion kit and possibly additional tools.

Cornelius keg is essentially a stainless steel canister that was used as a container for soft drinks and now has become popular among craft beer enthusiasts as well due to its relatively small size and ease of use.

Cornelius kegs come with two types of quick-connect fittings - pin lock and ball lock, so you should keep that in mind too. We have kegerator conversion kits with ball lock connection available on our website.

If you’re looking for a nice kegerator conversion kit for sale that’s right for your home, garage or basement bar, feel free to call us at (866) 590-9299. Our specialists will consult you on the availability, price, parts, and installation.

Wide Selection of Kegerator Kits for Sale

You can find a great variety of kegerator conversion kits and other parts of a draft beer system available on our website. Beverage Craft has been a proud supplier of all things beer for more than 5 years and we always know how to get you the right stuff at the best price.

In the kegerator department, we’re currently offering the following items:

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