Cleaning Kits for Jockey Box

When the party's over and everyone’s had a lot of fun, it’s time for something that not many of us like - cleaning. Whether you are a fan of cleaning or simply loathe the process, it is absolutely necessary that you clean your little party friend after every use.

Why is it so important? Well, for a number of reasons:

  1. It helps you maintain the jockey box in good condition and extend its service life thus saving money on repair and spare parts
  2. It ensures the fresh taste of your beverage every time you use the jockey box and prevents it from going bad
  3. Cleanliness is next to godliness!

Now that you’ve realized the importance of jockey box cleaning, let’s talk about how it’s actually done.

How to Clean a Jockey Box

Cleaning your jockey box cooler is a simple, four-step process that should take you no more than 15 minutes. All you’re going to need is a jockey box cleaning kit and a bit of patience.

Typically, a jockey box cleaning kit will include:

  • cleaning can
  • stainless steel cap for cleaning bottle
  • cleaning valve
  • beer line cleaner
  • faucet wrench and faucet brush

Using these, proceed to the cleaning:

  1. Flush out all the remaining beer out of the system using the beer line cleaner (should be done right after you’ve finished using the jockey box)
  2. Remove the faucets using the wrench and clean them
  3. Rinse the whole system with plenty of water
  4. Clean the outside surface is needed, then rinse with water and wipe it dry

Additional tips: store a mobile draft beer dispenser dry and cap the shank(s) if you’re not intending to use the box for an extended period of time. Never use any soap or cleaners containing chlorine, bleaches or mineral acids to avoid damaging the insides of the jockey box coils.

Learn more about cleaning a jockey box in our blog.

Feel free to browse our selection of jockey box cleaning kits - they’re good to go with any compatible jockey box cooler.

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