Countertop Drip Trays

If you’re looking for an elegant and practical drip tray solution for your beer dispensing system, look no further than a countertop drip tray. These trays are designed to be used with all kinds of beer towers and even jockey boxes. You simply mount them on top of your bar counter and enjoy the clean and smooth dispensing process.

As an expert in all things beer, BeverageCraft offers you a wide selection of surface mount drip trays available in various shapes, sizes, and configurations - from a simple square drip tray to a large stainless steel drip tray with rinser in a beautiful gold finish.

Feel free to browse our selection and prices. If you get intimidated by all this great variety, let us help you choose the countertop drip tray configuration that’s right for your needs.

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Main Features of Countertop Drip Trays

Countertop drip trays are an excellent choice for any bar that wants to optimize space and increase the efficiency of the beer serving process. It helps to keep your counter clean and shiny catching all the spills and trickles from your faucet before they make any mess.

These drip trays are quite versatile and can be used with almost any beer tower or other dispensing units. For example, a countertop drip tray with central rinser can be used with both beer dispensers and coffee machines.

Finally, countertop drip trays are super easy to clean. If it’s a drip tray without drainer, you just remove the grate, dump the contents of the tray in the sink, and then rinse it with water. For drip trays with a drain, you don’t even have to bother about moving anything.

Different Types of Countertop Drip Trays

We supply our clients with all the possible variations of drip trays to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding bar owners.

Here are the types of drip trays you can get from us:

✓ Depending on the profile

  • Square drip tray with glass rinser
  • Rectangular drip tray
  • Low profile drip tray

✓ Depending on the rinser configuration

  • Drip tray with rinser
  • Drink dispenser drip tray with side rinser
  • Countertop drip tray with central rinser

✓ Depending on the intended use

If you’re looking for a particular type of drip tray with glass rinsers for sale and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at to inquire about the availability. We have new arrivals each week and are always here to help.