If you’re looking to buy cheap beer brewing equipment, draft towers, dispensers, and various draft beer equipment parts and accessories, this section of the Beverage Craft website is the place to be.

Here, you can find items that are currently on sale and can be purchased at a really low price. However, most of them won’t stay that way for long, which means you have to think fast and get your bargain before others.

Beer Brewing, Cooling and Dispensing Equipment Clearance Sale

Although we are generally not known for our high prices on beer equipment, here in this Clearance section is where prices get ridiculously low sometimes (up to 50% off and even more than that).

Sure, it’s for selected models and items only but who knows - maybe we have exactly what you’re looking for and it’s currently on sale. Anytime you need cheap brewing equipment or cheap dispensing equipment, feel free to drop by and browse our special offers.

If you are an avid homebrewer, you will be pleasantly surprised by our wide choice of home beer brewing equipment and cheap beer cooling equipment. Anything and everything you need to brew fine beer at home can be bought at half the price from Beverage Craft if you’re lucky.

Here are the most popular products you can find on sale on our website:

  • Ceramic beer towers (in dozens of variations, shapes, and styles)
  • Stainless steel beer towers (from a small single-faucet tower to large 14-faucet pass-through tower giants)
  • Draft beer accessories and parts
  • Draft beer dispensing equipment and parts

Buy Discount Beer Equipment in Canada & the USA at Beverage Craft

If you’re looking to buy discount brewing equipment in Canada and the USA, go with Beverage Craft. In addition to our seasonal and holiday sales (which you can follow by joining us on social media - Facebook or Instagram), we have new items added to the sales list on a weekly basis so there’s no telling when the item you’re looking for is going to go on sale.

Please note that in some cases the offer can be limited while supplies last and that some conditions may apply. If you see an item you like at a really great price, don’t hesitate and order it right there and then.

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