Beer Trunk Line

If you have a long-draw draft beer system, the optimal solution for you would be using glycol-chilled beer lines, as opposed to the regular air-cooled lines used in direct-draw draft beer systems where the dispensing point is not far from the keg or walk-in cooler.

Since long-draw draft beer systems predominantly use glycol to chill the beer, in addition to the glycol chiller, you will also require another essential piece of equipment - beer trunkline.

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The Basics of a Glycol Draft Beer System

The true advantage of glycol-based draft beer systems is that they offer a fool-proof method of delivering beer at a specific temperature from the walk-in cooler and let you environmentally control it all the way.

In terms of range and capacity, glycol systems can go up to 750 feet long and have anywhere from 4 to 20 products dispensed at the same time, which makes them a great option for bars, restaurants, and hotels.

The three fundamental components of a glycol draft beer system:

  • Power pack
  • Trunkline
  • Beer tower

The power pack, which is essentially a commercial refrigeration unit, is the heart of the glycol system. Despite being quite compact in size, power packs can have from one to three motors and glycol pumps able to manage up to three trunklines each up to 750 feet in length capable of handling up to 24 beer products each.

What Is a Glycol Trunk Line?

An insulated beer trunk line is essentially a bunch of beer lines bound together with usually two or four glycol lines (depending on the number of beer lines) wrapped in a shield of foam and encased in a plastic waterproof jacket for insulation.

The trunkline provides a conduit of beer product lines connecting kegs or barrels in your walk-in cooler to each respective faucet of the draft beer tower while also housing sealed refrigeration lines from the power pack to the tower in a continuous loop.

Trunk lines are typically installed overhead or under the floor. If installed overhead, the exposed downward trunk lines would generally be housed in a combination of PVC tubing and a decorative finish.

When installing under concrete, these product lines would be run through a section of PVC tubing.

How Do Glycol Systems Work?

In a typical glycol system, the power pack pushes refrigeration through the center of the trunkline. The trunkline contains two lines:

  • Outbound glycol line - runs from the power pack to the tower
  • Return glycol line - enables the refrigerant to complete the cycle and become re-chilled

Therefore, the refrigerant lines are there to keep all of the surrounding beer lines temperature-controlled the keg or barrel to the point where they’re dispensed.

Trunk Lines From BeverageCraft

Beer trunk lines come in a number of varieties, all of which you can easily get from Here are the main types of a draft beer trunk line:

✓ Depending on the inside diameter

  • 1/4" inch inside diameter trunkline
  • 3/8 inch inside diameter trunkline
  • 5/16 inch inside diameter trunkline

✓ Depending on the number of product lines

  • 2 to 8 products trunkline (features 2 glycol lines)
  • 10 to 16 products trunkline (features 4 glycol lines)

✓ Depending on the coating

  • Taped jacket. Our trunk lines feature mono-layer, 100% virgin PE tubing, aluminized PP film wrap and insulation.
  • Extruded jacket

If you are looking for the best beer line tubing or a particular type of glycol trunk line and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at to inquire about availability. We have new arrivals every week and are always here to help.