Keg Coupler Parts

No matter what kind of draft beer dispensing system you have, there’s one component you simply can’t do without and that is a keg coupler. Keg coupler serves as a key that unlocks the keg and gets the beer flowing.

Despite being quite a reliable piece of equipment, even keg couplers sometimes need servicing and replacing certain parts in order to extend their service life and keep you, the bar owner, happy.

If your keg is leaking at the coupler, it usually means that something is wrong with the coupler and it needs servicing and/or possible parts replacement, and that’s where we come in.

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Keg Coupler Parts Diagram

keg-coupler-parts-diagram.jpgKeg coupler components:

  1. Check ball retainer
  2. Check ball
  3. Probe, D system
  4. Probe seal
  5. Body O-ring
  6. Check valve
  7. Gas hose nipple
  8. Hex nut
  9. Body washer
  10. Pressure relief valve
  11. Handle hinge pin
  12. Handle assembly

How to Disassemble a Keg Coupler

Whenever you’re about to clean your keg coupler or replace one of its parts, first you need to disassemble it in a correct way.

An important note before we start: safety is always a major priority when working with any kind of cleaning and/or caustic solution so remember to wear your rubber gloves and protective eyewear during the whole process.

Normally, you would clean the parts of a keg coupler every two weeks by performing simple brush cleaning where it can even stay on the system.

Depending on how much beer runs through your system, you might want to do the full cleaning once every 2 or 3 months taking the keg coupler apart and soaking the parts in a cleaning solution. It helps to sanitize the exterior of the coupler and get rid of all the nasty bacteria.

Let’s take a look at how it’s done:

  1. Unscrew the hex nut for the gas line and pull out the tail piece (aka gas nipple) - it sits right inside the Thomas valve (aka check valve) which allows air or gas to go through and down into the keg but doesn’t allow beer back up
  2. Pull out the retention pin and put it to the side
  3. Take the tap handle off, which will expose the probe
  4. Remove the probe seal and take the probe out - squeeze it a bit if you need and it will come right out
    ➔ Don’t forget to check the seal for any rips or tears - if there is at least one of them there, you should replace the seal
  5. Take the probe and remove the check ball retainer, which is inside the probe. After that, the check ball should come out. This check ball allows beer to flow upward through the probe and prevents it from flowing back in because beer is not supposed to go into the keg
    ➔ Cleaning the check ball is important because if you don’t do it, the check ball retainer and the check ball itself will get stuck because the beer dries - in this case, you can poke it back up using an appropriate object
  6. Check the pressure release valve by pulling it slightly by the ring - you should get a firm spring-action response. If the pressure builds up too much on the keg, this safety release valve will release the gas instead of letting your keg explode
  7. After letting the parts soak in the cleaning solutions for a few minutes, brush clean them gently and wash with plenty of clean water
  8. Put the coupler back together in reverse order

We have described the process of keg coupler assembly/disassembly using D type keg coupler parts but it is pretty much the same for any other type.

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