Draught Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Beverage Craft is proud to launch all-new draught equipment repair services. Our customers can now have their draught beer equipment professionally fixed, fine-tuned and serviced by Beverage Craft certified specialists.

Although operating primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, we have trusted draught equipment service technicians in all major cities in Canada and the USA. If you’re still asking yourself the question “What company provides the best draft beer equipment repair services near me?”, go with Beverage Craft.

We handle all the main draft beer problems and repairs, including:

  • Beer leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Excessive foam
  • Flat beer
  • Refrigeration part issues with glycol decks, chillers and fridges
  • Faucets, couplers, regulators, and more
Draught Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Why Choose Us?

  • Trusted draught equipment installers and draught beer system technicians

    Trusted draught equipment installers and draught beer system technicians

  • Competitive service rates

    Low equipment prices and competitive service rates

  • Always reliable, high-quality equipment for wasteless dispensing

    Top-performance, high-quality equipment

  • Services and practices up to the highest industry standards

    Services and practices up to the highest industry standards

Like any other equipment, draft beer dispensing equipment does require regular maintenance to extend its service life and ensure top performance. However, as reliable as it is, this equipment may break down - and most of the time, problems occur when you least expect them.

To avoid those, we recommend using professional draft beer system repair and maintenance services from Beverage Craft. With over a decade of experience in the installation and distribution of draught beer equipment, we know how to treat a draught beer system right. Like all the best draught beer repair companies, we are certified and guided by the highest industry standards.

Our specialists will provide you with regular maintenance services to make sure your beer dispensing system is in its top form. If a problem occurs, we will be there to fix it and make sure your beer keeps flowing smoothly.

In addition to that, we also supply our clients with a wide variety of draught beer equipment, including kegerators, chillers, glycol power packs, kegs, beer towers, CO2 tanks, trunk lines, drip trays, and basically anything else you need to get your beer from the keg to the faucet. We’re a proud high-volume distributor of the major beer and beverage equipment manufacturers, IBDEA members.

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