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Whether you are a beer enthusiast, a person who knows how to throw a nice party, or even a craft beer bar owner, there’s always that one problem: how to keep your beer fresh and refrigerated at all times and dispense it with ease and style.

It turns out there is a solution already - kegerators from BeverageCraft! We offer a huge variety of draft beer kegerators and kegerator parts for both commercial and home use, complete with fast shipping and expert support from our team.

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What Is a Kegerator?

Apart from being a refrigerator designed specifically to store and dispense beer keg indoors or outdoors, it’s actually a real cost-saver allowing you to enjoy a nice cold one at any given time and place.

Typically, a draft beer kegerator would consist of the following components:

Not all of the models available on our website include a CO2 cylinder and a tapping kit but some of them do - here’s a kegerator complete with all the options (except for the beer keg=)).

How Does Kegerator Work?

After all the components have been connected properly and the beer keg has been installed, it’s time to talk about how this machine actually works.

When you pull/push the tap on the faucet, the pressurized gas from the CO2 tank pushed the beer out of the keg. Upon entering the keg, the beer has to pass through a coupler, which can vary depending on the type of beer being served (System D keg coupler will fit most North American sorts of beer).

The gas from your CO2 tank pushes the beer from the keg to the tower’s faucet via the beer line. Then you just tap the faucet pour yourself or your customers a nice cold one.

Although CO2 is the most commonly used gas, some beers like Guinness or other stouts require nitrogen for dispensing).

Setting Up Draft Beer Kegerator

Although this process is rather simple and doesn’t require any special skills, you still need to perform a few operations to make sure your kegerator beer dispenser refrigerator works perfectly.

  1. Install the top railing (if provided with the model)
  2. Line up the gasket holes with the tower screw holes, feed the beer line through the opening, and then screw in all the tower screws
  3. Attach the beer faucet to the tower using a spanner wrench
  4. Attach the tap handle by simply screwing it onto the top of the tap faucet
  5. Connect the beer line to the keg coupler - make sure to attach a rubber washer before connecting the vinyl beer line
  6. Attach one end of the air line to the pressure regulator using a screwdriver to tighten the screw clamp
  7. Connect the opposite end of the air line to the keg coupler tightening the screw clamp
  8. Attach the pressure regulator to the CO2 tank using a CO2 inlet nut and a rubber washer as a buffer between the parts
  9. Attach the coupler to the keg - engage the coupler by pushing the handle down, after which the beer should enter the line slowly
  10. Open the CO2 tank and move the shut-off valve to “ON” position
  11. Adjust the regulator to proper PSI level - typically, between 10 and 15 PSI
  12. Set the temperature - ideally, between 36° and 40°F

Now you’re ready to dispense ice-cold beer through your new professional kegerator!

Wide Selection of Beer Kegerators for Sale at BeverageCraft

If you’re looking to buy a beer kegerator online, our website is the place to do it. We offer various types of kegerators for home and professional use, both indoors and outdoors.

You can choose a kegerator you like depending on the:

  • type of beverage (beer kegerator, wine kegerator, root beer kegerator, and even kombucha kegerator)
  • type of use (home kegerator, commercial kegerator, or even industrial kegerator)
  • place of intended use (outdoor kitchen kegerator, office kegerator, party kegerator, countertop kegerator, under counter kegerator, and more)
  • type of kegerator itself (built-in kegerator, hidden kegerator, 2-door kegerator, full-size kegerator, kegerator on wheels, etc.)

Feel free to browse our selection and let us know if you have any questions.

If you’re not sure which beer kegerator is best for you, contact us via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.