Kegerator Coolbar CDD-KLX, No Tower
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If you are going for the maximum style and performance in your residential keg fridge, choose the Kegerator Coolbar CDD-KLX model without tower. This keg fridge for a home bar effortlessly combines functionality and style, capable of fitting two sixth barrel kegs of your favorite beverages. 

Its durable stainless steel construction not only guarantees longevity, but also adds an elegant touch to any setting. The Coolbar CDD-KLX model is more powerful and at the same time 15% more energy efficient than the other Coolbar kegerators, which makes it an ideal choice for hotter climates. 

Coolbar CDD-KLX Kegerator Features

  • Home kegerator with digital controls

  • Temperature range: 32~500F

  • CO2 cylinder holder

  • Chrome-plated guard rail

  • Digital temperature control

  • Metal and plastic interior

  • Supported keg sizes: 1 x ½ bbl, 1x 50L, 1 x 30L (¼ bbl), 2 x 20L (⅙ bbl)

  • Dimensions: 600 mm wide x 640 mm deep x 840 mm tall

  • Customizable branding options

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