CO2 Cylinder - 5 Lbs
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Please note! Gas cylinders ship out empty.

This 5 lb CO2 tank is ideal for compact kegerator and beverage installations or for convenient transportation when moving between brews.

With this 5 pound Aluminum CO2 cylinder you can pour beer, soda, or coffee any time and place you wish.

All new CO2 tanks must either be filled or exchanged for full tanks, because they are shipped empty.

Always store CO2 tanks upright when not in use.

Luxfer aluminum 5 lbs CO2 gas cylinders are the optimum choices for the full range of your beverage and brewing needs

  • Aluminum cylinders are up to 40% lighter than steel, that makes them easier to handle and lowers freight cost.
  • Strong and comfortable valve protector covers the valve during falls and works as a heat detector.
  • Easy to maintain - internal descaling or tumbling is not necessary because these cylinders never rust.
  • Exterior surfaces are corrosion resistant, that’s why they maintain a superb appearance despite heavy use in challenging industrial or marine conditions.
  • Economical - these cylinders will significantly reduce maintenance, replacement, and shipping expenses.
  • Strong - These cylinders are stronger than comparable steel cylinders thanks to thicker walls and a unique aluminum alloy. They are more resistant to damage from accidental drops and absorb greater impact.


  • Polycarbonate valve protector/carrying handle allows great ease in cylinder handling
  • Straight threads and O'Ring seal
  • Rustfree interior and exterior, no scale, smooth inside walls twice as thick as steel cylinders
  • Recessed base design increases stability of cylinder, permits free-standing use.
  • Integral foot ring transmits shock to side wall

If you are looking to buy a CO2 Cylinder tank in Canada and USA, get yours from Beverage Craft today! 

Seamless aluminum compressed gas cylinders are manufactured in compliance with CTC and Department of Transportation 3AL Specification. Material is aluminum Alloy 6061-T6. Our co2 cylinder for beer kegs include testing by an independent inspection agency approved by the Associate Director for Operations and Enforcement, U.S. Department of Transportation.

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