Keg Accessories & Parts

All homebrew enthusiasts and craft beer aficionados know how important it is to keep their equipment in good condition. Sometimes, even such little things as a broken party pump or malfunctioning beer keg can spoil a party and - what’s even worse - the precious beverage that you’ve spent so much time brewing.

All these problems go away if you’ve got the right kegging equipment and parts designed specifically for your keg system and guaranteed to last long.

That’s the kind of beer equipment and parts you’re getting from BeverageCraft, a place where fans of craft beer know they’ve been taken good care of. We offer a wide range of keg parts and accessories to suit the needs of any home brewery or draft beer bar.

Keg Parts

A typical homebrew system is no airplane and doesn’t have that much parts and accessories. Still, there are some things you simply have to have in order to enjoy the process of brewing and dispensing.

Let’s go over some of the main keg parts and accessories you might need and see what they’re used for:

✓ Storage and handling

  • Keg dolly - a really handy piece of equipment allowing you to move the keg around easily since kegs are quite heavy. Alternatively, a keg cart can be used. Both options are great for kegs, which are stored inside walk-in coolers
  • Keg stackers - allow you to stack kegs for transportation and storage purposes. Also, you can put one keg on top of another to tap beer from them both, which saves a lot of space
  • Keg rack - a great option for breweries and large bars. Cask ale keg and Sanke keg racks help you to optimize the space in your walk-in cooler area thus increasing your storage capacity. For home use, you should go with a keg stand or a keg holder

✓ Tapping the keg

  • Keg tap kit - an essential part of the system, a keg kit has all the parts you need to start pouring beer from your keg
  • Keg conversion kit - with this kit, you can turn a regular fridge or freezer into a draft beer dispensing machine. A great option for home brewers
  • Beer keg pumps - much tap kits, a must-have piece for proper kegging. Alternatively, a keg faucet can be used
  • Keg cooler with a tap - prevents the beer in the keg from getting warm and stale
  • Keg caps - a small, yet important part used to safely seal your keg keeping it fresh

✓ Installation and connection

  • Keg connector - aka “keg coupler”, this part connects the gas and beer keg lines to the keg. There are different types of couplers depending on the beer brand so you should choose them with that in mind
  • Beer keg gas tank with keg CO2 regulator - another essential part of the system to keep your beer carbonated

✓ Miscellaneous accessories

  • Keg cup - this item is only for true beer lovers: a 12-oz cup in the shape of a keg! Why not add a bit of flair to your party?
  • Keg wrap - allows you to customize your kegs by putting a colorful wrap around them with the name of the beer or anything else you might think of

If you are interested in purchasing keg equipment in Canada or the US and haven’t found stainless steel kegs for sales that you’ve been looking for, don’t hesitate to write our team specialists at to inquire about the availability. We have new arrivals each week and are always here to help.