Primary Gas Regulators

Primary gas regulators are a very special piece of draft beer equipment. Without them functioning properly, the pressure inside your CO2 or nitrogen tank will be much too high and you will have a hard time trying to dispense beer. Once you’ve got yourself a properly functioning regulator, you will be pouring one perfect pint after another in no time.

Where can you get a good beer tap CO2 regulator for your draft beer system? That’s not even a question when you’re on

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What Is a Primary Gas Regulator?

A primary CO2 regulator for beer keg is essentially a small piece of equipment with one or two gauges, a valve, and two connecting points. As suggested by the name, this CO2 pressure regulator helps you to control the gas tank pressure within the workable draft beer limits (usually 10-15 PSI).

CO2 Beer Gas Regulator Types

Primary gas regulators come in two main varieties:

  • Single-gauge CO2 beer regulator - measures only the dispensing pressure
  • Double-gauge CO2 gas tank regulator - measures the dispensing pressure and also the amount left in the tank

Although having a dual-gauge CO2 draft beer regulator makes your dispensing process a bit easier and more predictable, it is not something that you are required to have - more like a nice additional feature.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can have your beer gas regulator in three possible configurations:

  • Beer gas regulator CO2 - suitable for most beers
  • Nitrogen beer gas regulator - suitable for Guinness and certain stouts
  • Beer gas regulator with an adapter allowing you to switch between the first two types

Primary Gas Regulators From BeverageCraft

We offer a wide variety of gas regulators - from a simple kegerator CO2 to a commercial-grade double-gauge CO2 beer regulator, you will find everything you need to dispense beer in any volumes safely.

If you are looking for a particular primary or secondary beer gas regulator and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at to inquire about availability. We have new arrivals every week and are always here to help.