DIY Jockey Box Kits

If a simple, pre-assembled jockey box isn’t good enough and you would like to impress your friends and relatives with a custom jockey box cooler you’ve built yourself, getting a DIY jockey box kit is the best option.

DIY jockey box is essentially a set of parts and elements allowing you to build your own homebrew jockey box with little to no experience. Unlike their pre-assembled counterparts, DIY jockey boxes let you select the components for your system and earn some bragging rights for assembling your own mobile beer dispensing unit along the way.

Those with serious DIY skills will certainly appreciate the opportunity to craft something that’s perfectly tailored to their needs and requirements. Also, you get to save on jockey box parts and features you don’t need thus giving you the best value for your money.

What Does a Typical Build Your Own Jockey Box Kit Consist Of?

DIY kits come in various shapes and sizes but there are parts that are usually featured in any serious beer jockey box DIY kit:

  • 120’, 70’ or 50’ Stainless Steel Coil
  • Domestic Faucet, Chrome Plated, Brass Lever
  • Cooler Coupling Assembly with a Bore
  • Shank Assembly with a Nipple and a Bore
  • Shank Part, Cooler Coupling/Shank Washer
  • Several Fittings, which may include John Guest Fitting, FOB Fitting, Tail Piece, and a Hose Barb for Beer Nut
  • Several Oetiker Stepless Clamps
  • Several Thermoplastic Vinyl Hoses, Clear PVC Tubing
  • Several Beer Washers
  • Several Swivel Hex Nuts

Not all the kits include a CO2 tank so should check its availability when choosing among jockey box tapping kits. However, in most cases, a tank can be added separately as an option.

The process of building your ultimate jockey box DIY beer tap cooler is not that hard, really. When you get the cooler and all your parts together, you will just need a few standard tools to assemble the thing and a bit of inspiration for the final touches since that’s how great jockey boxes are made! 

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