Mobile Flash Coolers

Flash coolers (also known as flash chillers) are compact beer-cooling units designed to chill beer directly at the point of service. They are indispensable in situations when you need to serve cold draught beer but limited in your refrigeration options.

Although flash chillers are most commonly associated with ice-cold draught beer, they can also be used for dispensing other cold beverages, such as cider, wine, kombucha, iced tea, and iced coffee.

How Mobile Flash Cooler Work

Draft beer flash chillers are basically electrified jockey boxes. They hold a refrigeration unit containing all the components needed for this type of system:

  • Compressor
  • Air condenser
  • Evaporator coil
  • Digital thermostat

Additionally, you will need:

  1. beer keg
  2. keg coupler of the right type (US Sankey type D is the most common)
  3. PVC tubes for connection

The way mobile flash coolers work is pretty straightforward - the beer from the keg enters the cooler where it travels through a coil submerged in cold water. Once the beer gets to the faucet, it is cooled down and ready to serve.

The beauty of a flash cooler for kegged beer is that it requires no ice.  The system uses a refrigerant - just plug the cooler into a power outlet, connect it to the keg, and get the beer flowing!

Where to use a Flash Cooler

Flash coolers are portable, so they are ideal for any situation where a long-draw glycol dispensing system is not possible or practical.

This may include:

  • outdoor events and festivals
  • small bars or restaurants without a designated walk-in cooler
  • home bars, man caves, parties, and more

Keep in mind that flash coolers can also be used for dispensing non-alcoholic drinks like kombucha or iced tea, which makes them even more versatile.

Choosing a Flash Cooler

When comparing flash coolers there are a few factors to consider including:

  • how many products you are going to dispense (number of lines - usually, one or two)
  • how much product needs to be dispensed in liters per hour/minute (capacity, typically starts at 20 l/h)
  • where the chiller will be placed (under the counter or countertop)

We offer popular models of mobile flash coolers that have been tried and tested by thousands of beer enthusiasts and bar owners with proven efficiency and reliability.

You can choose from small compact models like Sputnik ⅙ mobile beer cooler or go big with our industrial-strength units capable of dispensing up to 400 liters of beverage per hour.

If you’re not sure which mobile draft beer dispenser is best for you, contact us via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with a professional consult and assistance. 

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