Personalized Tap Handles

Distinguish your bar with personalized beer tap handles custom-designed and branded according to your specifications.

Custom Beer Tap Handles

Beverage Craft is proud to launch a new tap handles branding service. Our clients can now order custom beer tap handles for their brewery, home bar, commercial pub, or restaurant. Custom-made according to your design specifications, our personalized beer tap handles are a great way to distinguish your craft beer bar.

Ordering Process

  1. Choose the tap handle style and material (ceramic or wood) and place online order.
  2. Send us your artwork/logo at and wait for us to get in touch with you to confirm the order and provide you with a layout (may take a couple of days)
  3. Once the artwork is approved, we start the manufacturing process
  4. After your tap handles are ready, we ship them immediately to you.

To some, a tap handle is just a tap handle - but not for those who are serious about the beer they are drinking. In fact, one could argue that custom-made beer tap handles are also a sort of a statement you make about your beer.

Custom bar tap handles add a great deal of personality and style to your bar while also grabbing the attention of your customers. Also, a custom tap handle makes for a cool present gift or present. So how do you get personalized tap handles for your bar? By ordering them from Beverage Craft.

We offer over 30 different styles of generic keg tap handles that can be custom branded with your logo or an artwork. From simple, generic models to some truly original, personalized logo beer tap handles, you are guaranteed to find the ones that will resonate with you and your bar patrons.

All of our custom beer tap handles for a kegerator or a beer tap feature durable materials and excellent craftsmanship. They are guaranteed to fit any draft beer system with a North American standard faucet.

In addition to custom beer tap handles with a logo, we also supply our clients with a wide variety of draught beer equipment, including commercial grade kegerators, glycol chillers, kegs, beer towers, drip trays, and basically anything else you need to get your beer from the keg to the faucet.

Some Examples of Branded Tap Handles