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Whether you brew beer for fun or for profit, you understand the importance of beer hops for brewing. The right batch of hops can easily make it or break it, especially when it comes to flavor and aroma.

For a long time, pellet hop have been a number one choice for many homebrewers, as they offer more possibilities for making consistently exceptional beer. Beverage Craft proudly offers a wide choice of hop pellets to satisfy even the most demanding tastes – be sure to browse our selection to pick the right flavor and variety.


Hop pellets are a concentrated form of hops that have been processed and formed into small, compacted granules. These pellets are created by milling and pulverizing whole hops for beer making, removing excess plant material, and compressing the remaining lupulin glands into convenient pelletized form. 

What are hop pellets used for? They are used for adding bitterness, flavor, and aroma to beer, allowing brewers to achieve consistent and reliable characteristics in their beer.

Advantages of Using Hop Pellets

There is a certain debate over which type of hops helps to produce tastier and smoother beer – pellet hops vs. whole hops, with solid arguments from both sides. So, what is the benefit of using hop pellets over whole cone hops?

Enhanced Aromatics

Since hop pellets are made by grinding whole hops and compacting them into small pellets, this increases their surface area compared to whole hops, allowing for more contact between the hop oils and the wort. The increased surface area facilitates better extraction of hop oils and compounds responsible for aromatics.

Consistent Bitterness

Hop pellets provide brewers with a standardized product that ensures the same hop profile batch after batch. This consistency in flavor, aroma, and bitterness allows brewers to maintain excellent quality control and meet the expectations of their customers.

Reduced Loss

The concentrated nature of hop pellets allows you to minimize beer loss during the brewing process, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Hop Pellets For Breweries & Home Brewing from Beverage Craft

Whether you are a beginner homebrewer or an experienced one, you will certainly appreciate the selection of hop pellets for homebrewing. Our brewing hops are sourced from top-quality varieties – from the classic flavors of Simcoe and Citra to the original ones like Zappa and Strata.

Beverage Craft is the best place to buy hops online, since we offer a top-notch selection of homebrew hops and try to maintain a competitive hops price at all times. 

Homebrewing enthusiasts can particularly benefit from using our hop pellets. They always deliver a reliable product with consistent hop characteristics, ensuring your homebrew consistently tastes as intended.

The precise and predictable nature of pellet hops allows easy adjustment of hop additions, giving you control over bitterness levels and aroma intensity. This versatility enables you to explore and create unique beer styles or precisely replicate your favorite commercial brews.

Hop Pellets for Sale in Canada and the USA

If you’re looking where to buy hops for beer, Beverage Craft is your top choice. For more than 10 years, we have been a reliable supplier of draft beer equipment and commercial hop pellets for sale in the USA and Canada, always providing top quality, great prices, and a wide range of products for our customers.

On our website, you can order hops online and even buy bulk hops. Working with major hop suppliers, we can always ensure a wide range of products and ensure fast wholesale hops delivery.

In addition to hop pellets, we also offer homebrewing equipment for sale – be sure to check our selection and prices there as well.