Drip Tray Parts

When you’re ordering drip trays from Beverage Craft, you know you’re getting the good quality stuff, which is guaranteed to have a long and lasting service life. However, such durable pieces of bar equipment as drip trays sometimes need maintenance and replacement parts. We’ve got that part covered for you as well.

Beverage Craft has various drip tray parts and components available in stock 24/7. Whether something’s got broken or you simply want to replace the old part, you know where to get them.

If you’re not sure which beer drip tray parts to choose or maybe you have questions regarding drip tray installation, contact us via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.

Drip Tray Parts Selection

Among all the drip tray parts and drip tray accessories we carry, these are probably the ones that are most frequently ordered by our clients:

✓ Drip tray rinser assembly (fits most types of drip trays - from countertop to wall-mount)

  • Metal rinser assembly
  • Plastic rinser assembly

✓ Drip tray fittings

  • 4’’ Brass drip tray fitting (includes a locknut and a washer)
  • Female drain fitting (to be connected with threaded metal drain #DTP002B)
  • Female plastic drain fitting elbow (to be connected with threaded metal drain #DTP002B)

Please note: always check the dimensions and specifications of the part before ordering to make sure you’ve got the part that’s right for your drip tray.

Drip Tray Assistance

Apart from supplying our customers with quality drip tray parts for beer systems and kegerators at great prices, we can also help them with drip tray troubleshooting and/or installation. As with many machines and equipment, it’s much easier and cheaper to replace a broken or old part of your drip tray than to deal with the repair of the whole tray when it breaks. Get your drip tray parts from BeverageCraft and you will never have any problems with your drip trays!

If you’re looking for a particular type of drip tray replacement parts and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at sales@beveragecraft.com to inquire about the availability. We have new arrivals each week and are always here to help.