Gray Acetal Female Connector
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This Acetal Push-to-Connect Tube Female Connector is used for connecting male BSPP threads to OD tubing sizes. Allows for quick and simple installation.

Quick connect fitting for drip trays and glass rinsers are made of gray acetal and have a food-grade nitrile O-ring, making them ideal for applications involving foods and drinkable liquids. John Guest Acetal Female Connector can also be used for CO2 and nitrogen beverage gas lines, pneumatics, vacuum, and other applications because it is suited for air and inert gasses.


  • For use with OD size plastic or copper tubing
  • Nitrile O-ring, acetal body
  • Connection and disconnection are simple and quick.
  • Suitable for potable liquids and clean water, food quality
  • NSF51 and NSF61 are both on the list.
  • Lead-free
  • Air/pneumatic and vacuum applications are both possible.
  • Acetal Gray Female Connector is also suitable for inert gas, CO2 and nitrogen beverage lines.

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