Commercial Kegerators

Commercial Kegerators for Sale

If you're a bar owner, you realize the importance of a proper bar keg fridge for the business – and so do we. Beverage Craft offers you a nice choice of commercial kegerators that are guaranteed to deliver top performance, add extra style points to your interior design, and allow you to stay on budget.

What Features to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Kegerator for Your Bar or Restaurant

Finding the best commercial kegerator for a bar, pub, or restaurant is easy when you know what features to look out for. Here’s a list of things to consider when choosing a commercial kegerator.

  • Size

Determine the available space in and around your bar counter area and select a kegerator based on these measurements. When it comes to bars, saved space means saved time means saved money.

  • Capacity

Consider how many different types of beer you'd like to have on tap simultaneously, as well as the number and type of kegs you will be storing at any given time. We have a really great article talking about kegerator keg capacity on our blog – be sure to read that as well.

  • Quality and durability

Go for kegerators made from high-quality materials, as they are likely to last longer and handle heavy usage. Stainless steel exteriors are not only durable but also visually appealing, fitting seamlessly into any interior.

  • Type of beverage

In addition to the standard CO2-dispensed beers, there are certain styles of beer that require nitrogen for dispensing. This is an important factor to consider when choosing your kegerator.

Styles of Commercial Keg Fridges

Commercial beer keg coolers come in several distinct styles, each designed to cater to the specific needs of a particular bar, restaurant, or any other establishment that serves draft beer. Here are some of the most common commercial keg fridge styles that you can get from Beverage Craft.

Undercounter keg fridge

Undercounter keg fridges are compact and designed to fit conveniently under a bar or counter. With their low-profile design, these kegerators help to save space and provide easy access to kegs for more efficient service.

They usually come with a built-in tap tower that can dispense multiple beer varieties simultaneously, making them a versatile and practical choice for smaller bars.

Back bar keg fridge

Back bar keg fridges are larger and more prominently displayed behind the bar. These kegerators are designed to showcase the variety of beers available, often featuring glass doors or sliding covers that allow customers to see the selection.

Back bar keg fridges can accommodate multiple kegs and are equipped with durable taps and dispensing systems. They often include additional storage space for bottles, cans, and glassware, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient bar service.

Dispensing stations

Craft beer dispensing stations are designed to distribute both bottles and draught beer, which is a really innovative and smart combination. You can offer your customers a choice of bottled beer and fresh draught beer in a convenient format that does not require the use of a kegerator.

A dispensing station can fit up to two Corny kegs inside the fridge and dispense beer from one or two taps on the side.

Bar Keg Cooler Capacity

A standard bar keg cooler like this one is designed to fit either 2 quarter barrel kegs or 2 sixth barrel kegs. If you’re planning to serve a bigger amount of beer, you may want to opt for larger models:

  • 58’’ CDD-58 kegerator (fits 2 half-barrel kegs, up to 6 slim quarter kegs, up to 8 sixth barrel kegs)
  • 90’’ CDD-90 kegerator (fits 4 x 50L kegs, 10 x 30L kegs, or 14 x 20L kegs)

If you know where to buy a keg, but not sure about the right bar fridge kegerator keg capacity, be sure to consult with our sales specialists – they’re always there to help you.

How Many Taps to Get with a Commercial Keg Refrigerator?

It all depends on how many different styles of beer you’re planning to serve at a time. For most small bars and pubs, a dual-tap commercial beer keg refrigerator with one tower would be more than enough. If you’re running a bigger, busier establishment, having two or three tower with multiple taps is a more fitting choice.

If you’re into DIY and would like to create your own kegerator using a kit, you can choose one from a wide variety of kegerator kits on our website.

Commercial Kegerators & Beer Dispensers for Sale in Canada & the USA

If you’re looking for a solid commercial kegerator for sale, Beverage Craft is the place to get one from! For almost a decade, we have been a proud supplier of draft beer equipment, accessories, including commercial draft beer coolers and dispensers, as well as home kegerators.

A three-door beer keg cooler? We’ve got it. A dual-tap large kegerator? No problem. Any commercial keg refrigerator you may need, you’ll find it on our website. If not – send us a request for a specific bar kegerator you have in mind.