All of our products are covered by a standard 30-day warranty (except where noted otherwise, for example longer manufacturer’s warranties).

What Is Covered by Our Warranty?

The warranty provided by Beverage Craft covers products and their parts that are found to be defective during their normal use and maintenance. The warranty provided by Beverage Craft does NOT cover damages arising from the normal process of wear and tear as well as damages caused by improper workmanship.

The term ‘normal use’ suggests the usage of a product in a way that is originally intended by the manufacturer as stated in the product manual, without any modifications that might damage the product and its parts.

The term ‘maintenance’ suggests the activities that are done to keep the product in its original condition for as long as possible adjusted for normal wear and tear.

In a situation when it’s more feasible to replace the faulty product with a new one instead of repairing it, such replacement will be made. The remaining coverage will be applied to the replacement product.

What Isn’t Covered by Our Extended Warranty?

If an issue was caused by any of the following items on the list, it will not be covered by our extended warranty:

  • Deliberate damage to the product(s)
  • Improper use that resulted in damage
  • Improper installation of some products resulted in damage. Installation of commercial beverage cooling systems, draft beer system parts, electrical and refrigeration replacement parts, must be handled by a qualified installer in order to qualify for product return and/or warranty coverage. Qualified Installer - Defined as a licensed professional who charges a fee for his services, and possesses a business license, contractor's license, and/or resale permit. Common examples of a "qualified installer" include Electrician; General Contractor; Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist.
  • Improper maintenance that resulted in damage
  • Product modifications and alterations done by the user
  • Minor cosmetic damage (such as slight colour change due to the use of chemicals)
  • Major accidents that lead to product damage or destruction (e.g., a product being dropped on the floor)
  • Non-weather resistant products being left outdoors

How Is Our Warranty Coverage Fulfilled?

The process of fulfilling our coverage usually involves us working closely with the customer in order to return the product to a working state in a timely manner.

Most issues are typically resolved via replacing the required part, for which we ship the replacement part needed to fix the issue.

In case a customer is not willing to replace the part themselves and would like to have a third party do it, Beverage Craft will not cover the cost of labor of such third party.

If a product is damaged to the point where it cannot be fixed or restored to its working state using replacement parts, it should be sent to us for further inspection and repairs. If the product still can’t be fixed using replacement, it will be replaced with a new one.

The repairs and replacement under our warranty are performed on the Beverage Craft premises by our specialists. If a product needs to be sent in, we will cover the shipping costs.

What’s the Coverage Period for Our Warranty?

Our Warranty starts on the next day from the purchase date. However, some manufacturers provide a warranty that is longer than our standard warranty.

How Is Coverage Claimed?

To claim your warranty coverage, simply contact us here. Make sure to state your order number and account information so that we could verify the extended coverage.