Party Pumps

It doesn’t take much to throw a proper beer party if you know your ways. Draft beer enthusiasts and fans of homebrewing have long prized beer kegs for their combination of reliability and ease-of-use.

Seriously - why do you need to buy and carry around all these beer bottles or cans when you could get a keg of your favorite sort of beer and pour it to your guests with style and ease? For this, you will most definitely need a party keg pump.

How Does a Beer Keg Pump Work?

No beer keg is complete without a beer keg tap, which is a pump-action device attached to the top of the keg. This beer keg party pump uses air to drive the beer out of the keg through the tap and into your glass or cup.

Needless to say, once the keg pump tap has been activated, oxygen gets inside it causing the beer to go flat so you will have approximately 24 hours to finish the keg before the beer goes flat and stale.

To keep the beer fresh and cold, you should go with one of the following options:

  • Use a bucket filled with ice (which is not always convenient since the uneven temperatures throughout the keg can melt the ice quickly)
  • Use an insulated keg bag (a better option since it keeps the ice frozen longer and gives better coverage around the whole bag)

How to Tap a Keg

It goes as simple as that:

  1. Cool the party keg down with enough ice using one of the methods we’ve mentioned above
  2. Insert the beer keg tap pump between the lugs and the top of the keg. Then, twist it clockwise about a quarter turn until it’s snug
  3. Pull out on the handle and push it down to tap the keg
  4. If you’re using a cooling bag, you can close the top and use the opening to access the beer keg pump tap, thus providing even more insulation
  5. Once the keg pump is in place, close the zipper around the pump to preserve the cold

The most common mistake with pumping a keg is over pressurizing the keg. To avoid making this mistake, you should tap your keg before pumping and see how it’s pouring. Depending on how long you let the keg settle, you may need to pour off the first few cups of foam.

An ideal pour should take about six to eight seconds to fill a 16-oz cup. If the flow is slow, start with 4-5 pumps and check the flow rate - if you haven’t pumped enough, the beer will trickle out very slowly. If you’ve pumped too hard, the beer will blast out pure foam.

The only option to get rid of the foam is to pour beer until the pressure is reduced.

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