Glycol Chillers

Sometimes the place where you store and refrigerate your beer is not exactly the same place where you serve that beer. In fact, there could be hundreds of feet apart. How do you solve the problem of getting beer from point A (cold room) to point B (dispensing unit) without the beer getting warm along the way?

Glycol chillers have been created specifically for this purpose. Using glycol or ice as a cooling agent, they allow you to deliver beer fresh and cold straight to your beer tower, where it can be dispensed and then enjoyed by your customers.

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How Does a Glycol Beer Chilling System Work?

Let’s take the most popular type of beer keg cooling systems - glycol beer chiller - and see what makes it so great.

In a nutshell, this is a little box that is used to maintain the temperature of our draft beer from our walk-in cooler to our beer tower so that it doesn’t have foam as it travels from point A to point B.

Normally, a beer tower cooling system would consist of:

  • Refrigeration unit (power pack)
  • Trunkline (with glycol lines)

Trunkline is essentially a bunch of lines bound together with an additional layer for insulation connected to the glycol chiller system. There are two types of lines. Beer lines (you can have from 2 to 14 beer lines, depending on your needs) and glycol lines. They are all bound together in one thick trunkline.

The refrigeration unit cools down a reservoir of glycol that then gets pumped through the glycol lines that are inside the trunkline, which, in turn, cool down the beer lines that come in contact with them. The beer temperature is thus maintained stable throughout the whole route from point A to point B.

What’s Inside a Glycol Beer Line Chiller?

Inside a typical glycol power pack draft beer chiller are the following elements:

  • Compressor
  • Evaporator fan
  • Thermostat control unit (to adjust the temperature)
  • Glycol reservoir with a copper coil + thermostat
  • Pump
  • Supply and return lines

The coolant is inside the copper coil while the reservoir it’s in is filled with liquid to circulate there. After it’s cooled, it goes to the pump and then the pump forces glycol through the supply line.

Some glycol coolers have more than one pump in case you’ve got an exceptionally large tower with 20+ products. This way, you can run one pump for each trunkline of your glycol power pack. Even if a pump goes out, you won’t lose all of your lines - just half of them.

Also, this can be useful if you have two towers in two different locations in your bar.

How to Choose the Right Draft Beer Cooling Equipment?

When buying a glycol beer line chiller or wine on tap system, you should look out for the following things:

  1. The overall maximum length of the trunkline that you glycol beer cooler can handle (typically, stated in ft)
  2. The number of beer lines and glycol lines within a trunkline - once you got past 10 beer lines per one trunkline, you will need to have an additional supply and return line, which effectively reduces the maximum range of your glycol beer line cooler to 50% from the original. All glycol unit coolers have their own effective range - from 75 ft to 450 ft. Please note that trunklines have to be purchased separately from the glycol unit cooler
  3. Whether you need commercial glycol chiller, small portable glycol chiller or beer flash chiller

Glycol cooled draft beer systems use glycol as their cooling agent and are generally intended for medium to high volume draft beer applications such as breweries or wineries.

Systems like beer flash chillers are more suitable for smaller applications like beer pubs, restaurants, or home bars.

We have draft beer cooling equipment available in various configurations and ranges. Our glycol chillers for beer range from 25 feet to 450 feet, depending on your needs and requirements.

If you’re looking for a glycol deck, kegerators for sale or other commercial bar equipment and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at to inquire about availability. We have new arrivals every week and are always here to help.