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Looking for a solid commercial glycol chiller? Welcome to Beverage Craft where we offer a great choice of chillers at very competitive prices. From a compact flash chiller with just 2 lines that’ll work well for a small bar to a high-end professional glycol chiller with rotary vane pumps that’s fit for breweries, we have it all.

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If the place where your beer is stored and the place where your beer is served are two different places (that may be hundreds of feet apart), then you have to use a propylene glycol beer chiller to keep the beer cold and foam-free at all times.

A glycol beer chiller is designed specifically for commercial applications like this. Featuring propylene glycol as a cooling agent, they allow you to deliver fresh and cold beer straight to the beer tower (or towers), where it can be dispensed.

A typical glycol power pack draft beer chiller consists of the two main sets of components:

  • Refrigeration unit (power pack with a glycol pump)
  • Trunkline (with glycol lines)

Inside the refrigeration unit is a reservoir of glycol that then gets pumped through the glycol lines that are inside the trunkline, which, in turn, cool down the beer lines that come in contact with them.

The trunkline is a combination of beer and glycol lines bound together with an additional layer for insulation. Depending on your needs, you can have anywhere from 2 to 16 beer lines and up to 4 glycol lines inside a trunkline.

Whether you’re looking for a glycol chiller for a brewery or bar, you are guaranteed to find the right product on the Beverage Craft website. We’ve got plenty of models to choose from - feel free to browse our selection!

If you’re not sure which glycol chiller is right for you, contact our team via live chat, email or phone for a professional consult.


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When looking for a glycol chiller for your glycol cooling system, there are a few factors you should consider:

  1. the distance from your walk-in cooler to your beer tower(s)
  2. the number of product (beer) lines

With the first point, it’s rather obvious - the longer the distance, the more power you will need from your beer line glycol chiller. For heavy-duty commercial applications, we can offer you this EG3/4GP model with a range of up to 450 ft, which is sufficient enough for a beer line cooling system in most medium and large-sized bars.

As for the number of lines, it’s all about how many different products you would like to serve. For example, this Tayfun T220F glycol chiller can serve up to 14 beer lines simultaneously. If you don’t have that many products, a nice draft beer flash chiller would do.

In any case, with a glycol chiller, you’re getting a reliable device that will maintain the temperature of your draft beer from the walk-in cooler to the beer tower and keep it foam-free.

At Beverage Craft, we have draft beer cooling equipment available in various configurations and ranges. Our glycol chillers for beer range from 25 feet to 450 feet, depending on your needs and requirements. The glycol beer system price also ranges quite a bit from $1,000+ for smaller models to $3,000+ for professional, high-end chillers.

Best Glycol Decks for Sale Near Me

Whether you’re looking for the best glycol chiller for homebrewing or just need a reliable glycol unit for your bar, you will find one at Beverage Craft.
We offer a wide range of draft beer cooling products and accessories for a beer cooling system. In the glycol chiller department, we’ve got plenty of choices as well - you can get a solid glycol deck that perfectly fits your draft beer setup based on the following parameters:

  • The overall maximum length of the trunkline (typically, stated in ft)
  • The number of beer lines and glycol lines within a trunkline

Once it gets past 10 beer lines per trunkline, you will need to have an additional supply and return line, which effectively reduces the maximum range of your glycol beer line cooler to 50% from the original. All glycol unit coolers have their own effective range - from 75 ft to 450 ft.

Glycol-cooled draft beer systems use glycol as their cooling agent and are generally intended for medium to high volume draft beer applications such as breweries or wineries (here’s a good winery glycol chiller).

Systems like beer flash chillers are more suitable for smaller applications like beer pubs, restaurants, or home bars. Check out our models of beer flash chillers in Canada that’s really worth the money.

If you’re still wondering “what’s the best brewery chiller for sale near me”, wonder no more and get yours today from Beverage Craft.