Commercial Bar Coolers & Refrigerators

Every bar owner has to solve the problem of storing and refrigerating the drinks they have. Naturally, the best solution for this problem is installing a back bar cooler of the right size, capacity, and configuration.

Bar beer coolers are a must-have for any establishment that sells bottled or canned beverages. The same holds true for commercial beverage and beer coolers for bars.

Where Can I Buy a Commercial Beer Fridge?

If you are looking to buy a bar fridge online in Canada and the USA, you are possibly in the best place on the Internet to do so. Beverage Craft offers a wide variety of beer refrigerators for sale. Our commercial beer coolers will fit nicely into any interior, even with certain space limitations.

Browse our selection to see if we have the commercial beer fridge for sale that you’re looking for.

If you get intimidated by our selection of bar coolers for sale, let us step in to help you make the right choice. Contact our team via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consultation and assistance.

Commercial Beverage Coolers for Sale in the US and Canada

There are different types of commercial drink coolers you can get from Beverage Craft, depending on your needs and budget. From the compact open-air coolers to large refrigerators with sliding glass doors.

An additional option that’s available for most of our coolers is branding - typically, on the sides and front. You can submit your artwork when ordering and we will custom-brand the cooler to your specifications.

So, if you’re still asking yourself the question “where to find commercial beverage coolers for sale near me”, be sure to check our selection first.

Get the Best Bar Fridge Price at Beverage Craft

A fully stocked bar requires plenty of bottled drinks - mostly beer, but you could also have juices, sodas, etc. Since all of these drinks are meant to be served cold, you have to choose the back bar cooler that is right for your bar and get the best commercial bar refrigerator price.

Beverage Craft always offers the lowest bottle cooler fridge price possible. For small, compact models, the price of a commercial bar fridge starts from $250. If you are looking for a full-size back bar cooler, the bar fridge cost for you would start from $1,900.

Choosing Commercial Back Bar Coolers

Commercial back bar coolers are available in a variety of sizes but mostly range from 24’’ to 94’’ in width. They offer a selection of capacities to suit your particular storage needs, such as:

  • Depth - shallow or deep. This allows you to maximize space where you need it
  • Exterior finish - heavy-duty black, stainless steel, or custom
  • Doors - sliding or hinged. Depending on where exactly you are going to place your bar refrigerator cabinet, you might prefer one option to another. Sliding doors include a latch for proper closure while hinge doors are 90 degrees reversible so you can choose whichever configuration works best for you. You can even have your doors equipped with a lock - a good option for a bar cabinet with wine cooler
  • Doors - solid or glass. Solid doors allow you to keep the products inside the back bar refrigerator totally concealed.

Of course, most of our commercial bar beer coolers come with standard features like leveling feet, adjustable heavy-duty PVC coated shelves, LED interior lighting, and more.

Different Types of Back Bar Coolers

BeverageCraft offers a few basic types of bar refrigerators, the most notable of which are under counter bar fridges or display refrigerators.

Under Counter Bar Fridges for Sale

  • 2- or 3-door under bar refrigerators. It typically features a self-closing door on hinges, a lock and a key, aluminum interior, and chrome shelves for beer (some models feature additional wine rack shelves). Construction-wise, it’s what you’d expect from under bar bar coolers for sale: refrigeration system that keeps the drinks at a temperature between 33 and 41 degrees, electronic control system, and HYDRO-CARBON R290 refrigerant
  • Back bar coolers. Essentially, a heavy-duty dual tap commercial kegerator.

Please note that towers and tap handles are not included and are sold separately.

Display Refrigerators for Sale

  • Outdoor display refrigerators for sale. What makes these display coolers different from the indoor models is that the lock is reinforced and the design is more heavy-duty to ensure the wear-and-tear resistance required for outdoor use
  • Countertop bar refrigerator with glass door. Thanks to their relatively small size, these coolers are the most versatile type of them all as they can be used as both countertop back bar beer cooler or under bar beverage cooler
  • Retro-styled fridge. A truly exclusive product, this mini bar refrigerator is ideal for hotels, home bars, and small-time pubs

Best-Selling Beverage Coolers & Refrigerators

All of the commercial cooler products on our website have received all the necessary certifications, are heavy-duty and suitable for commercial use. Wondering what the top-selling items are? Here they are:

  1. Back Bar CoolBar BB-100 - a nice, compact model that’s suitable for beer, wine and cider, and other beverage bottles and cans.
  2. Commercial glass door refrigerator IceStream Optima - heavy-duty design with large interior usable space and a door lock.
  3. Large Kegerator CDD-58 - a full-size commercial kegerator, a stylish and ergonomic solution for any bar or restaurant.

If you’re looking for a particular type of back bar beverage cooler or any other bar equipment and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at to inquire about availability. We have new arrivals every week and are always here to help.