Stainless Steel Kegs

Looking to buy a stainless steel beer keg for your homebrewing needs? You’re at the right place and, dare we say, at the right time. Treat yourself to a nice selection of beer kegs for sale at Beverage Craft: we’ve got Corny kegs (both stackable and non-stackable), slim quarters, import kegs, you name it.

What they all have in common is that we have them available right here and now, at affordable prices and in the right quantities. Feel free to browse our selection and let us know if you need advice.

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Types of Stainless Steel Beer Kegs We Offer

A stainless steel beer keg works like a can of soda but with a massive straw in it. The beverage is drawn from the bottom of the keg to ensure that every single drop of beer can get sent to the tap.

Since kegs themselves cannot push the beer up, gas motors are used to drive the beverage out of the keg to get dispensed. The gas is usually carbon dioxide (CO2), although sometimes nitrogen can be used – e.g., for beers like Guinness.

Beer kegs generally follow a universal standard in the way they work – however, it’s the way they connect to the tap out front is what makes them different. The most common type of coupling is the “clamp and twist” method, with the less common ones being “insert and twist” and “slide” methods.
We offer all major keg types, starting from the tiny 1.5-gal homebrew Corny kegs to full-size half-barrel kegs and everything in between. Our kegs feature domestic, Sankey D-type fitting to guarantee an easy fit.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Corny kegs (stackable and non-stackable)
  • Sixth-barrel kegs
  • Quarter-barrel kegs
  • Half-barrel kegs
  • Schaefer kegs (with Micromatic fitting)
  • Casks
  • Yeast brinks

How much do new stainless steel kegs cost?

When it comes to prices for new stainless steel kegs, it all depends on the size, type, and beer keg dimensions. As a rule, the bigger the keg, the pricier. The new empty beer kegs for sale that we offer at Beverage Craft, start at around USD $100 and go all the way up to $200, depending on the model. So, how much is an empty keg? Let’s take a closer look.

For example, a 5-gal homebrew Corny keg (one of the most popular keg types) will cost you around $127, with the stackable 10-gal version costing slightly over $190.

Sixth barrel kegs are $115 apiece, quarter barrels are $140, and half-barrels are around $145. You can also buy an empty keg from the European manufacturer Schaefer. Their kegs are known for their sleek design and excellent quality – here are some of the most popular models:

  • Stackable 20-liter ECO keg, priced at $105 (polyurethane-coated model also available)
  • Stackable 50-liter ECO keg, priced at $140 (polyurethane-coated model also available)

Finally, we’ve got stainless steel casks in two varieties: the 4.5-gal cask priced at $139 and the 9-gal cask priced at $149.

Stainles steel tanks for storing beer and wine

New Beer Kegs for Sale in Canada and the USA

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For more than 10 years, we have been a reliable supplier of draft beer equipment and kegs for sale in Canada and the USA, always providing top quality and wide range of products for our customers. If you’re still asking yourself “where can I find empty kegs for sale near me?”, go with Beverage Craft. In addition to selling kegs, we also offer keg leasing services – check out our rates online.

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