Keg Leasing

Get Top-Quality Kegs With Payment Flexibility

Our keg lease program gives brewers the opportunity to grow efficiently without spending working capital on keg acquisition.

We offer long-term lease-to-own keg options for breweries, cideries, and wineries. Our kegs are stocked and we ship kegs with fast turnaround times from four facilities across the USA and Canada. Low monthly keg payments go towards the final ownership of your kegs with $1.00 buyout cost.

Why pay top dollar for ‘no name’ beer kegs, when you can have the best-in-class Schaefer kegs?

Keg Leasing

Lease Best-in-class Stainless Steel Kegs

We offer both, Best-in-Class, Made-in-Europe Schaefer Kegs, and Economically Priced, European-Inspired Starbrau kegs thoughtfully designed in Europe and manufactured in China.

  • Trusted draught equipment installers and draught beer system technicians

    Only the Best-in-Class Kegs

  • Competitive service rates

    FREE Custom Branding
    (min 1 skid of kegs)

  • Always reliable, high-quality equipment for wasteless dispensing

    Prompt Shipping
    From Multiple Warehouses

  • Services and practices up to the highest industry standards

    Up to 10% Discount
    On Draft Beer Equipment

Fast & Easy Keg Leasing Process

1 - Use the form on this page to build your order and get keg leasing prices. 2 - Apply for keg leasing via a link in your email. 3 - Get approval within 48 hrs. 4 - Have your kegs shipped to you.

Why Lease Kegs?

Keg lease is a great alternative to buying them for your craft brewery. Keg leasing gives you a certain amount of freedom and flexibility when it comes to your brewery’s initial budget, production capacity, and storage space. The nominal payment you make every month brings you one month closer to owning your fleet. With our keg leasing program, you can get custom branded kegs of all sizes, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the large upfront cost.

Benefits you Get with Keg Leasing from Beverage Craft

  • Trusted draught equipment installers and draught beer system technicians

    Easy online application

  • Competitive service rates

    Fast access to kegs

  • Always reliable, high-quality equipment for wasteless dispensing

    Transparent, flat-rate fees

  • Services and practices up to the highest industry standards

    Complimentary 1-side embossing

20 Reasons To Lease Schaefer Kegs
From Beverage Сraft

  • 1Since 1937…

    A long history in the industry. Ever since 1937, Schaefer has been setting standards in the production of high-quality stainless-steel containers.

  • 2Large Manufacturer

    A name you can trust. Schaefer sells over 1,000,000 kegs each year and strives to continue innovating new products.

  • 3Made in EU

    Schaefer kegs are manufactured from TRUE 304 stainless-steel in Europe.

  • 4Pricing

    Schaefer kegs in North America are more competitively priced than other European kegs.

  • 5Keg Variety

    Schaefer offers a wide range of keg technologies including stainless-steel, eco-friendly polyurethane coated kegs.

  • 6Warranty

    Schaefer provides one of the best warranties in the industry for all kegs.

  • 7Plasma-Jet Welded

    Schaefer kegs are plasma-jet welded providing the highest possible level of biological safety.

  • 8Safety Burst Disk

    Schaefer kegs come standard with a safety burst disc.

  • 9Color-Coded Spears

    Schaefer kegs come with color-coded MicroMatic or DSI spears and fittings manufactured in Europe.

  • 10Stackable Kegs

    Schaefer kegs sold in Canada are manufactured with stackable chimes, making handling and storing easier.

  • 11Comfort Grip Handles

    Schaefer specially designed comfort grip handles are made to reduce the strain associated with handling kegs.

  • 12Lighter Kegs

    Schaefer's Eco-kegs are 15 to 30% lighter than regular stainless-steel kegs of same size.

  • 13Metal Passivation

    Schaefer kegs are professionally pickled and passivated to ensure the best beverage tasting experience for years to come.

  • 14Complimentary Keg Caps

    Receive great incentives! We offer free keg caps*, discounts on beer parts, equipment and much more with the purchase of kegs.

  • 15Local Branding

    Our keg branding & customizations are done in Canada to ensure you receive the fastest possible service.

  • 16Proven Record

    We are truly passionate about beer & have been helping North American breweries sell more beer since 2004.

  • 17No Hidden Fees

    Keg lease cost contains no extra or hidden fees – the quoted price is all you pay.

  • 18Multiple Warehouses

    We provide fast shipping to any part of Canada and the US.

  • 19More Products

    Beverage Craft offers more than kegs for lease! We can supply you with everything you need to store, dispense & chill more of your great product.

  • 20Friendship

    Be treated as a friend. We pride ourselves on providing great service and view our customers as friends rather than numbers.


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