Jockey Boxes

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Draft beer Jockey boxes might be the next best thing since beer itself. These little devices are designed for dispensing draft beer and other drinks in small to medium amounts in places where no electricity is available.

They are ideal for backyard, camping and tailgating parties where beer needs to be continuously chilled and flowing. Due to its compact size and ease of use, a jockey box is a much better option than a kegerator.

How Does Jockey Box Work?

A typical jockey box setup consists of the following elements:

  • the cooler box itself
  • beer line (depending on the cooler type, it could stainless steel coils or a cold plate)
  • shank (at least one)
  • faucet (at least one)
  • CO2 regulator
  • CO2 tank and beer line connectors
  • drain tray (for some models)

These jockey boxes for cooling the keg beer come in two main varieties - coil coolers and cold plate coolers. Learn more about the difference here.

The way a mobile draft beer dispenser works is also pretty simple. After all the main components of the system (cooler box, CO2 tank, and beer keg) have been properly connected and the ice has been loaded, you just have to open the faucet and pour yourself a nice, cold beer.

What actually cools the beer down is the fact that it’s being run through a series of coils covered with ice, which instantly brings down the temperature of the beer from an average 70° F (21° C) to the ideal dispensing temperature of 38° F (around 3° C).

Just like any other piece of equipment, a keg jockey box also requires cleaning, servicing and maintenance. Thankfully, the whole cleaning process is quite simple and doesn’t take much time. As for the replacement parts, you can always find the ones you need right here.


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