Kegerator Drip Trays

A kegerator drip tray is an important element of any home draft beer system. For such a small part, it does a lot, helping you to keep your place squeaky clean and free from foam or spillage.

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Get the Best Price on Kegerator Drip Tray in Canada and the US

One might think drip trays are not that important to the point where some people do not even bother getting them, but the truth is that a nicely fitting drip tray can save you so much time and energy on cleaning your kegerator or keezer.

This is especially true for those who use their kegerators often, which leads to inevitable spillage, foam, or other types of stain that require cleaning.

Getting a commercial drip tray kegerator solves this problem once and for all.

Whether it’s a kegerator drip tray with a drain or a kegerator drip tray no drain, it will help you keep your counter area clean and dry.

All you have to do is position the drip tray tightly to the tap tower and it will catch spills from single, double, or even triple tap beer towers.

At Beverage Craft, we offer a wide variety of kegerator drip trays that will make a fine addition to any draft beer system. From basic models to fancy cut-out drip trays, we have it all p hey, you can even get a kegerator for sale from us.

Buy Stainless Steel Kegerator Beer Drip Tray from Beverage Craft

When looking for a drip tray for a kegerator, you should be aware of the different styles and forms these drip trays come in. There are plastic models, stainless steel models, cut-out trays, with or without drain, and so on.

However, the basic idea behind all of them is the same:

  • An ss drip tray for a kegerator is placed directly adjacent to the beer tower on top
  • If beer or foam gets spilled while you’re pouring, it stays right within the tray preventing any mess
  • After you finish pouring beer, any leaks that might come out of the taps will also land in the tray 

Another important factor is style - choosing the right color, material, and finish for your kegerator drip tray will really give additional points to the overall style and look of your draft beer system.

Best Kegerator Drip Tray for Sale Near Me

If you are looking to buy a quality drip tray kegerator in Canada, go with Beverage Craft! We offer a wide selection of drip trays ranging from basic stainless steel drip trays to go with your beer tap tower to some really fancy beer drip tray models that will complement your home bar perfectly and bring out your personal style.

Finally, if none of the options above are good enough for you, we can get you a custom-made drip tray that’s tailored to your particular needs and has the right finish to match your kegerator.

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