Cleaning Cans, Valves & Pumps

Whether you are a beer bar owner or simply a craft beer enthusiast, you can’t ignore the need to clean your beer lines regularly. To assist you with this task are numerous beer cleaning tools available from BeverageCraft.

We’ve got everything you need to keep that beer flowing fresh and tasty through the dispensing system of your choice, including cleaning cans, line cleaner pumps, beer line cleaning bottles with a hand pump, cleaning valves of various types, and more.

Feel free to browse our wide selection of these useful tools - all the information you may require can be found in the product description.

Should you have any questions regarding a beer line cleaning can or beer line cleaning pump, contact our team via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.


For those of you who are not yet familiar with the nuances of beer line cleaning, here is a brief description of cleaning cans, how they can be used and what they are capable of.

What Is a Cleaning Can?

Beer bars and other venues where the beer flows constantly in large volumes can benefit greatly by using cleaning canisters. These beer cleaning canisters are similar to a homebrew keg in that the top can be removed to fill the container with beer line cleaning solution. Plus, these things can be pressurized with gas to push the liquid through your lines.

Cleaning cans have up to 4 ports (heads) on the top, which can be outfitted with various keg valves thus giving you the ability to clean up to 4 lines simultaneously.

Although the D-type beer line cleaning valve is more common, we offer cleaning valves for other types of kegs such as:S type

  • U type
  • A type
  • G type
  • M type

As a more universal solution, you can get a cleaning valve KeyKeg adapter to fit a D valve.

You can also use jumpers, which will make it possible to clean up to 16 lines in a single pass.

Beer Line Cleaning Products from BeverageCraft

If there’s a beer line cleaning product, we’ve probably got it in stock. Everything you need to keep your beer fresh and prevent any mold or yeast formation inside those lines and faucets.

Here what you can get from us:

✓ Beer cleaning bottle

  • 1 qt plastic bottle complete with a hand pump - ideal for home bars and breweries, easy to use and service

✓ Beer cleaning cans

  • Volume varies from 1.3 gal to 4.8 gal
  • Available models: cans with one head, two heads or four heads
  • Material: plastic or stainless steel

✓ Beer line cleaning valves

  • Available valve types: D, G, S, U, M, A
  • Keykeg adapter to fit a D valve

✓ Draft beer line cleaning pump

  • Electric recirculating beer line cleaning pump up to 300’ - ideal for bars and large capacity beer dispensing systems with multiple faucets

Please note: we recommend cleaning your beer lines after every keg (ideally) or at least once every few months depending on the volume of beer dispensed.

If you’re looking for a particular draft beer line cleaning kit, can or beer line cleaning brush and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at to inquire about the availability. We have new arrivals every week and are always here to help.