Beer Shanks

Draft beer shanks are a tiny (yet hugely important) piece of equipment required for a draft beer dispensing system to function properly. Beverage Craft offers a wide selection of beer shanks assemblies guaranteed to suit any of your beer dispensing needs. Feel free to browse our selection by clicking on the item you’re interested in for more details, product images, and prices.

If you are not sure which beer shank size or beer shank diameter is right for your draft beer dispensing system, let BeverageCraft specialists step in and help you make the right choice. Contact our team via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.

What Is a Beer Shank?

A beer tap shank is a connecting piece that forms a bridge between your beer line and the faucet. It is essentially a metal tube that anchors your beer faucet solidly to the refrigerator wall or draft tower.

While it may seem like just another part for some, getting the right kegerator shank for your draft beer dispensing system is important, since it ensures a leakproof connection between the beer line and the faucet.

The reason another term (beer shank assembly) is often used in the same context is because a draft tower shanks typically consist of several parts, which usually come assembled in a single unit when it is sold.

How to Choose the Right Beer Shank

Here are some of the factors you may want to consider when choosing a beer faucet shank assembly.

  • Material (brass or stainless steel).

Brass is less expensive but can develop patina over time, potentially affecting the taste of your beer. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is more durable, resistant to corrosion, and easier to clean.

  • Beer shank size (length, thread size, hole size, nut size).

The length is a crucial factor, as it determines the distance between the faucet and the keg. Longer shanks are good for thicker walls (e.g., in a refrigerator). “What beer shank length do I need?” you may ask. To find that out, measure the thickness of your wall and pick a shank that allows for ample clearance.

How big of a hole do you need for a beer shank? Beer shank diameter should match the size of your beer lines. Most North American draft beer systems utilize 3/16 or 1/4-inch beer lines.

  • Brand compatibility

Some beer shanks are designed to be compatible with specific draft system brands or models, so check that before shopping for beer faucets and shanks.

Parts of a Beer Faucet Shank

Beer tap nipples come in several varieties that may differ in terms of their configuration, but the most typical beer shank consists of the following parts:

  • Shank sleeve
  • Shank collar
  • Shank teeth
  • Shank wall flange
  • Shank hex nut

Beer Shank Types

Even such a seemingly straightforward piece of equipment as beer shanks can come in a number of varieties. Here are the three main types of shanks:

  • Straight stainless steel beer shanks

These pass through shanks are most commonly seen on refrigerator conversions and assemblies through cooler walls. Attaching a straight shank to the beer line will require a tailpiece, hex nut, washer, and clamp. You can get a short, long, or even a dual faucet beer shank – the actual length depends on a particular draft beer setup.

  • Nipple shanks

These shanks most commonly found on kegerators. The nipple (hose barb) is already a part of the assembly, which makes attaching the clamp and the beer line easier.

  • Tower elbow shanks

The elbow beer shank is a variation of the nipple shank. The major difference here is a 90-degree bent nipple, which is done to accommodate the beer line while preventing it from crimping.

Beer Shanks for Sale From Beverage Craft

For more than a decade, Beverage Craft has been a proud supplier of draft beer equipment and accessories, including the best beer faucets, beer tap faucet parts, and beer shank parts.

We offer a wide variety of draft beer shanks for sale in Canada and the USA. From a simple, standard beer tower shank assembly to an exquisite Perlick faucet shank combo, we’ve got it all.

Choosing the right beer shank is crucial for a smooth, enjoyable draft beer experience. We’ll help you find the perfect match for your specific setup to ensure a perfectly poured pint all the time!

If you are looking for a particular beer tower shank and haven’t found it on our website, please write to us at to inquire about availability. We have new arrivals every week and are always here to help.