Beer Faucets

All modern draft beer systems operate on the same principle: using a gas (CO2 or nitrogen), beer is moved from a container (e.g., a keg) out through the draft tower faucet where the bartender pours a cool one.

Why Are Beer Faucets Important?

To serve the beer in perfect condition, you need to make sure each element of your draft beer dispensing system is working properly. One of the crucial elements of the system is a beer faucet since that’s where the actual pouring is done.

Having the right type of beer faucet is important because it saves you the hassle of dealing with tap leaks, malfunctions, and other time-consuming problems that will inevitably affect your business and/or good mood if you are a home bar owner.

Beer Tap Faucets From BeverageCraft

BeverageCraft offers you a wide selection of beer tap faucets of all types and variations - from a simple brass beer faucet to a forward sealing Perlick beer faucet, we’ve got it all. In addition to faucets themselves, we also supply beer tap faucet parts and accessories.

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If you are not sure which beer faucet is right for your draft beer dispensing system, let BeverageCraft specialists step in and help you make the right choice. Contact our team via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.

How Does a Beer Faucet Work?

In a system that uses replaceable beer kegs, when you pull (or push) the tap on the faucet, the pressurized gas from a gas tank at the end of the system pushes the beer out of the keg via an airline that runs from the gas tank to the keg.

Then, via another PVC tube called the beer line, the beer travels to the draft beer tower through the shank and straight into the faucet, from which it pours nicely into a glass.

Beer Faucet Types and Varieties

Beer faucets come in several types and varieties depending on the:

✓ Material and finish

  • Brass or chrome-plated brass beer faucet
  • Stainless steel beer faucet

✓ Tap system

  • Rear sealing beer faucet (the most common variety)
  • Self-closing beer faucet (closes itself immediately upon release)
  • Forward sealing beer faucet (aka Perlick beer faucet)
  • Flow control faucet (with this type, you can regulate the pouring speed)
  • Stout beer faucet (used for pouring nitrogen-dispensed beer, namely Guinness)

✓ Configuration

  • Beer faucet and shank separately
  • Beer faucet and shank combo

All of these beer faucets mentioned here, as well as accessories and parts to them, are available from BeverageCraft. Whether it’s a standard stainless steel beer faucet and shank, an Intertap beer faucet, or a premium Perlick faucet and beer shank parts, we’ve got them in stock and ready for shipping.

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