Domestic Faucet - Stainless Steel - Perlick
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When you’re dealing with Perlick, you know you’re getting a quality product and this draft beer faucet is no exception. 

Featuring an instantly recognizable shape and unique design, this Perlick faucet offers superb functionality as well. Due to the brand’s patented floating O-ring, air exposure is minimized and there is no mold buildup inside the faucet.
Overall, a great product guaranteed to fit nicely onto your beer tower, or jockey box.

Perlick Beer Tap Faucet Features

  • Fits most draft beer dispensing setups
  • Forward-sealing faucet design to minimize oxygen exposure
  • Made of stainless steel, it can be used for both beer and wine
  • Fewer internal parts => easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance

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