13 Foot Round Patio Umbrella

With 13 foot round patio umbrellas, size really does matter. They will make make a nice addition to the outside patio of your bar, pub, cafe, or restaurant. In addition to providing shelter from the sun, these patio umbrellas will also allow your patrons to relax while enjoying a nice, refreshing beverage from your bar.

Best 13 Foot Round Patio Umbrellas From Manufacturer

Even such trivial things as patio umbrellas can vary significantly in quality depending on their price and manufacturer. If you want the best rated patio umbrellas for your bar, consider BeverageCraft.

Since we both design and manufacture our own products, we can offer you a wide variety of colors and sizes to match your taste. Our best 13 foot round patio umbrellas feature a sturdy, durable aluminum frame and flaps that hang down providing eye-level branding opportunities.

All products under this category feature:

  • Size/shape: 13 ft, round, 8 ribs, 8 panels
  • Diameter: 4 m
  • Fabric: polyester (200 g/m2, with UV light and rain-resistant coating) 
  • Pole and ribs: 60 mm (2 ⅓’’) pole diameter, aluminum ribs 
  • Available finishes: blue, light blue, grey, green, light green, red, scarlet, teal, and yellow
  • Opening mechanism: classic (cord and pulley blocks)
  • Height: 9ft (110”) = 2.8 m
  • Weight (with canopy): 16.5 kg
  • Warranty: two-year no-fade warranty on the fabric

This umbrella can be equipped with standard collapsible steel support designed to be used with concrete ballasts 400x400 mm in size (4 pcs). The recommended total weight of ballasts is 128 kg.

Branded 13 Ft Round Patio Umbrellas With Your Logo

Those of our clients who are looking for branded patio umbrellas in Canada and the USA require some custom branding possibilities to distinguish their cafe or bar patio and make it instantly recognizable even from a distance.

If you would like to get custom outdoor umbrellas too, please contact us for a quote with your printed logo (just fill in this quick product branding request form).

Our minimum order for promotional 13 foot round patio umbrellas is 3 units. Please allow a production time of 4 weeks for your patio umbrellas to be manufactured in strict accordance with the specifications.

13 Foot Round Patio Umbrellas for Sale Near Me

In addition to offering good-quality products at really competitive prices, we provide a two-year no-fade warranty on the fabric. The service life for our top-rated umbrella is set at a minimum of 3 years.

If you keep asking yourself “Are there any 13 foot round patio umbrellas on sale near me?”, considering ordering them from BeverageCraft. We always have great discounts and ship our products all across Canada and the US delivering draft beer equipment and accessories right to your doorstep.