6-Foot Square Patio Umbrella With Valances

Simple, sleek, versatile. This 6-foot square patio umbrella will fit perfectly onto the patio of your bar, pub, or restaurant. In addition to providing shade from the sun, this patio umbrella also creates a relaxing atmosphere for your patrons where they can enjoy a cool and refreshing beverage from your bar.

Creating the Best 6-Foot Square Patio Umbrella for You

Patio umbrellas play a huge role in your outdoor presentation. They are one of the very first things people notice from the street as the pass by. If you want your patio to really stand out, consider a square patio umbrella from Beverage Craft.

We design and manufacture our own patio umbrellas, so can offer you a wide variety of colors and options to match your taste. Featuring a sturdy aluminum frame and flaps that hang down to provide a spot for eye-level branding, our 6-foot square patio umbrella provides and unbeatable combination of price and quality.

All products under this category feature:

  • Size/shape: 1.8 m x 1.8 m (6 ft), square, 8 ribs, 8 panels
  • Fabric: polyester (160 g/m2, with UV light and rain-resistant coating) 
  • Pole and ribs: 1.8 m x 1.8 m - 1.3” pole. 
  • Available finishes: blue, light blue, grey, green, lime green, red, scarlet, teal, yellow
  • Opening mechanism: pulley and pin
  • Height: 2.45 m ~ 8 ft (98”)
  • Warranty: two-year no-fade warranty on the fabric

Branded 6-Ft Square Patio Umbrellas

Adding custom branding with the logo of your pub, bar, café or restaurant to your umbrellas will make you instantly recognizable even from a distance. Most of our clients choose branded patio umbrellas for a sleek and attractive way of building their brand.

If you would like to get custom outdoor umbrellas too, please contact us for a quote – just fill in the product branding request form and attach your logo.

The minimum order requirement for branded 6-foot square patio umbrellas is 3 units. Please allow a production time of 4 weeks for your patio umbrellas to be manufactured to flawlessly meet your specifications.

6-Foot Square Patio Umbrellas for Sale Near Me

In addition to offering high-quality patio umbrellas at competitive prices, we provide a two-year no-fade warranty on the fabric. The service life for our 6-foot square umbrella for patio is set at least three years.

If keep asking yourself “where can a find a great deal on patio umbrellas?” look no further than Beverage Craft. We offer quality products for low prices and always have great discounts for repeat customers. We ship all across Canada and the US, delivering draught beer equipment and accessories right to your door.