Terra Towers

T-style draft beer towers obviously got the name from their shape, which more or less resembles the letter “T”. Also known as T-towers, these are used on bars and beer dispensers. T-towers can be used with both glycol and air cooling configurations, which adds them a bit of versatility.

Beverage Craft is proud to offer you a great selection of T-towers coming in all kinds of shapes and styles. Feel free to browse our selection by clicking on one of the models you’re interested in.

If you are not sure which T-style draft beer tower is right for your bar, let BeverageCraft specialists step in and help you make the right choice. Contact our team via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.

What Makes T-style Towers Great?

Aside from looking cool and sleek, T-towers are a really great option for bars since they come in such a big variety of styles and configurations:

  • Depending on the number of faucets - can feature anywhere from 2 to 8 faucets
  • Depending on the type of cooling - most models have a choice of glycol or air cooling
  • Depending on the finish - the standard finish is stainless steel. However, other available finishes are gold, chrome, and more

T-Towers From BeverageCraft.com

We offer a wide variety of T-towers ranging from simple models with 2 faucets to exquisite, uniquely designed TERRA towers with an awesome looking gold finish.

All of our T-towers feature:

  • 304 stainless steel body
  • ⅜’’ copper recirculation lines
  • Glycol cooling (with optional air cooling)
  • Triple-layer moisture and thermal insulation

Most models come pre-assembled and include mounting hardware, which makes for a quick and easy installation.

Also, selected models of cylinder T-towers feature an LED lighted beer badges option, which is great for customizing your draft beer towers and attracting the clients’ attention.

Looking for a particular model of T-style draft beer towers and haven’t found it on our website? Please write to us at sales@beveragecraft.com to inquire about availability. We have new arrivals every week and are always here to help.