If you run a bar, restaurant, or cafe, then you ought to have carbonated drinks on your menu. Whether it’s soda syrup, beer, wine or simply water, it tastes better when carbonated.

How do you easily maintain that constant level of quality carbonation? With the help of carbonation equipment or simply carbonator.

A commercial water carbonator will work perfectly paired with your soda machine providing all the necessary fizz for your carbonated drinks by combining plain water and CO2 to create carbonated water.

How Is Water Carbonated?

If you ask a person how to carbonate water, you might get a simple reply - just dissolve some carbon dioxide (CO2) in the water. Easy like that? Well, not exactly.

The answer to the “how to make carbonated water” question is actually quite complex and it has to do a lot with chemistry. One can’t just bubble some CO2 gas through some water and expect it to stay there. In fact, it will simply float away - just like any other gas.

To bond the water and CO2 harmoniously, you need some big and strong force - like pressure! If you confine the water to a tight enough space with no air, CO2 will be forced to make nice with the water dissolving into the liquid and leaving behind its bubble form to evenly spread its molecules around the water.

Some molecules will even produce a new compound - carbonic acid, which, if you took a glass of freshly poured beer, would somewhat resemble the process of breathing in humans with CO2 leaving into the atmosphere much as we breathe it out with every breath.

Carbonators will save you all the hassle of running a series of procedures related to organic chemistry in order to get DIY carbonated water. You just hook up your carbonator to your water supply, run the machine, and that’s it - you’ve got carbonated sparkling water!

Carbonation Equipment From

BeverageCraft offers you a choice of several McCann soda carbonator models, including:

  • McCann Standard Flow carbonator
  • McCann Big Mac Fast Flow carbonator (designed for high-volume commercial applications with 1 to 8 soda faucets output capacity)

Both models are heavy-duty, commercial-grade products designed for everyday use, extremely reliable and easy to service. They are easily one of the best carbonated water makers you can get on the market.

McCann Standard includes a fully encapsulated electronics package, which can be easily removed for servicing needs without having to depressurize the tank.

McCann Big Mac water carbonator model boasts a ⅓ horsepower that’s more than enough to drive the system. It comes equipped with a Procon brass pump (one of the best in the industry). In this model, water is driven by an electric motor pushing it into the 2-gallon brite tank.

In addition to that, we offer beer towers, wine carbonation and wine on tap equipment, carbonated water cooler, beer line cooling system, parts and accessories. Feel free to browse our selection by clicking on the item you’re interested in.

If you are not sure which carbonated water machine is right for your bar, restaurant or cafe, let BeverageCraft specialists step in and help you make the right choice. Contact our team via live chat, email or phone - we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance.