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What Is a John Guest Fitting?

Named after its founder in 1961, the John Guest group produces push-in fittings, pipe systems, and other plumbing equipment. These fittings are also known as John Guest push-to-connect fittings due to the special method of connection employed in them.

How John Guest Fittings Work

Let’s see how it works using one of John Guest quick connect fittings often used with beer lines in draft beer systems.

The fitting has a collar that features stainless steel grippers at the back so, as the tubing gets pushed in, these grippers “grip” the tubing. Push the tubing in until it stops, and then push it further - this time, a little bit harder.

Now, when you pull it back and create a space in the collar here - that tells you it’s locked in place. The connection is now secure. There’s an O-ring inside the connector that creates the seal.

To remove the tubing from the connector, all you need to do is push the tubing back, hold the collar back, and pull it out. When using John Guest beverage fittings, make sure your tubing is cut nice and square without any burrs.

Where to Buy John Guest Fittings

At, you can choose from a multitude of John Guest push fittings the one that is guaranteed to fit your particular draft beer system setup.

Here are some of our featured products:

  • John Guest FOB fittings
  • John Guest tube enlargers
  • John Guest elbow reducers
  • John Guest connectors and dividers
  • CPC quick disconnects
  • Plastic shut-offs
  • Locking clips

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