Beer Growler Fillers

If you’re a craft beer bar owner and looking for more ways to grow your clientele, you can offer them a new service they’ll surely love - take-out craft beer. And while you’re at it, you might as well do it with style using a growler filler station provided by BeverageCraft.

Your patrons will certainly appreciate the ability to enjoy a few pints of your signature beer at home while your staff will find the beer growler filler super-easy to operate and service.

How Does Beer Growler Filler Work?

A growler filler machine is essentially a beer dispensing unit that you can install on your bar counter (or any other horizontal surface where it fits the interior best). It is a highly cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and at the same stylish device for foam-free filling of glass bottles at an affordable price.

Growler fillers are super easy to use - in fact, they could be even simpler than kegerators. Setting up the system is really easy and doesn’t take long. The whole filling process can be broken down into 4 steps:

  1. After the growler’s been placed in position, it is filled with CO2 to purge all the oxygen
  2. Then, you can start pouring beer by slowly releasing the CO2 pressure
  3. To avoid foam, you should pour slowly, filling the growler from the bottom
  4. After the growler’s been filled to the neck with an inch of foam on top, you can seal it

If you’re not sure which counter-pressure growler filler is right for you or would like to know more about our bar equipment for sale at, feel free to contact our team at (866) 590-9299. Our specialists will consult you on the availability, price, parts, and installation.

Key Advantages of Counter Pressure Growler Filler

Serving growler beer is a great way to allow your patrons and/or customers to enjoy fresh draft beer off-premise. Not everyone has discovered the sheer awesomeness of beer growlers yet, which is why it might easily become your specialty.

Beer growler fillers are great for craft beer bars, home breweries, pizzerias, and markets - mainly because they are easy to install and can be used with both growlers and beer mugs. Despite sounding rather menacing, growler filling stations are, in fact, quite compact devices that are easy to operate and maintain.

Here are some other advantages of beer growlers:

  • You can dispense beer at 2 liters per minute speed (meaning your customers don’t have to wait)
  • Foam-free filling 
  • 0% beer waste
  • 98% keg yield
  • Preserves the flavor, carbonation, and freshness (all of which are vital for high-end draught beer)
  • Compatible with most bottles, growlers, and glass jars


Buy Beer Growler Fillers in Canada and the USA at Beverage Craft

Filling a growler from a keg using a piece of PVC tubing is OK for home use but it certainly wouldn’t work for a serious beer establishment that’s looking to provide its customers with various types of draft beer for take out.

Beer growlers are an easy way to take your favorite beer anywhere you want and enjoy it in its freshest form. A beer growler filler is a perfect solution for local/craft breweries, pubs, bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and taprooms. Plus, beer growlers are eco-friendly - both in terms of energy consumption and reusability.

That’s why your business could really benefit from a growler filling station. Where do you get one? Of course, from Beverage Craft! We are a major supplier of draft beer equipment and accessories in North America. Working primarily with bars, restaurants, and homebrewers, we provide our customers with top-quality equipment at a highly competitive price.

In the growler filler department, we can offer you a wide range of products from PEGAS, a world-known brand from Europe producing high-quality beer growler filling stations.

Get yourself a growler filler that’s designed to fill growlers with beer so that it would not let oxygen in and stay foam-free and fresh for a few weeks - a great incentive for your customers!

If you haven’t found the beer growler filling equipment you are seeking for, don’t hesitate to contact our managers on to inquire about the availability.

We have new arrivals of bar equipment and accessories (such as tap handles) each week and are always here to help.