Copper Coil Immersion Wort Chiller, 1/2" x 32'
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Using an immersion wort chiller is one of the most important steps of the homebrewing process. A copper hear exchanger coil allows you to quickly cool down the wort from its boiling temperature (212 °F (ca. 100 °C)) down to approximately 60–75 °F.

If an immersion coil heat exchanger is not used, the wort can stay too long in the danger zone (which is between the two temperature points mentioned above). That might lead to it being contaminated with bacteria, which will eventually spoil the beer you’re brewing.

That’s why using a copper immersion wort chiller is recommended for any home-brewed beer.

Beverage Craft offers a wide choice of homebrewing equipment for sale, and this ½’’ x 32’ homebrewing wort chiller is one of the highlights of our collection.

Copper Immersion Wort Chiller Coil Heat Exchanger Features

  • Copper wort chiller coil size: 

    • Height – 368 mm (full), 206 mm (coils)

    • Width – 180 mm

  • Additional stainless steel spacers to keep the copper tube coil heat exchanger loops at a distance, allowing for a faster cooling

Copper Immersion Chiller & Heat Exchanger Dimensions

  • Copper coil heat exchanger diameter: ½’’ OD
  • Copperhead immersion wort chiller length: 32’’ (9,832 mm)

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