2" Brass Driptray Drain Fitting
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Convert your bar drip tray into one that allows you to drain liquid rather than needing to clean it after spills. You only require one small component!

This drain assembly for drip tray turns a regular drip tray into a drip tray with a drain assembly. The upgrade item is 4-inches in height and comes with a washer and a locking nut for easy installation.

This allows overspills to drain automatically rather than having to clean or wipe down your drip tray every time it becomes full or dirty.

Simply drill a hole in your current bar drip tray and screw this new part in place.


  • Made of brass
  • 2" Brass Drip tray Drain Fitting, 3/4" OD
  • Washer and locking nut are included

If you are looking to buy brass drip tray drain fitting in Canada and USA, get yours from Beverage Craft today!

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