Cornelius Keg Lid with Washer
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This Corny keg lid replacement is a simple, but useful part every homebrewer should own. It allows you to maintain the freshness and carbonation of your kegged beer through a secure, tight seal and a built-in pressure relief valve.

Constructed to fit all standard kegs, this replacement Cornelius keg lid is super-easy to use. The included washer provides an additional layer of protection against any leakage or loss of carbonation during storage or transportation.

Replacement Corny Keg Lid Features

  • Cornelius keg lid with a washer

  • Ensures a secure and tight seal

  • Prevents leaks

  • Long-lasting use 

  • Easy to install and remove

  • Compatible with A.E.B. ball and pin lock kegs; Cornelius ball and pin lock kegs; Firestone kegs

If you are looking to buy a new lid for ball-lock Pepsi or Corny keg in the USA and Canada, choose one from Beverage Craft! You simply can’t go wrong with our vast selection of quality Corny keg parts for sale.

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