Countertop Drip Tray, 16" x 7"
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If you want to keep your bar looking nice and clean, you'll need this wide countertop drip tray with drain to keep spills and drips from staining or damaging the wood.

This wide drip tray is compatible with a variety of draft beer towers. Don't let the corrosive effects of fluids ruin your bar. Install this countertop drip tray under your draft tower and enjoy years of worry-free pouring!

Most importantly, this beer drip tray includes a 4-inch threaded metal drain fitting that accepts a drain hose for reliable performance in dealing with the inevitable spills and drips that damage your wood.

Drip Tray Features

  • Series Type Surface mount drip tray DTU16x8SS
  • Finish Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions 16" x 8" x 3/4" 
  • Faucets up to 5
  • Drain 4" drain part #DTP004B

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