Jockey Box Flusher Line With Garden Hose Tap Adapter
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This jockey box flusher line is designed to make the cleaning process quick and easy. The built-in adapter eliminates the need for additional connectors or adapters, saving you time and effort during the cleaning process.

With its optimal 5-foot length, you'll have enough reach to thoroughly flush every nook and cranny of your jockey box. The ⅜’’ flusher line comes with a female garden hose fitting, stainless steel tailpiece, coupling wing nut, and a washer.

Our jockey box flusher line provides a secure and leak-free connection, ensuring that water pressure remains constant throughout the cleaning process. To use it, simply attach one end to a garden hose faucet and the other to the jockey box coil inlet, running water through the jockey box.

Jockey Box Flusher Line Features

  • Length: 5 ft

  • Diameter: ⅜’’

  • Female fitting

  • Stainless steel straight tailpiece

  • Coupling wing nut

  • Rubber beer washer

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