Tayfun T160F - Flash Chiller - Product Lines: 6
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Tayfun T160F is a perfect example of a solid ice bank beer flash chiller. Unlike some other chillers that use glycol as a cooling agent, this particular unit uses ice-cold water. The product (whether it’s beer, seltzer, or juice) is chilled by running through a stainless steel coil that’s submerged into ice-cold water. This particular model features 6 product lines, which means that you can chill and dispense up to 6 different beverages.

Flash chillers like Tayfun T160F have a wide range of applications - they are typically used in situations where refrigeration is limited and cold plates or coils are impractical due to the required continuous supply of ice and drainage.

Main Benefits of Flash Chillers

  • Easy to install - to special skills required
  • Low service and maintenance costs
  • Temperature can be regulated on a thermostat
  • Can be used as pre-chiller for beer, juice or other soft drinks

Product Highlights

  • 53’ stainless steel coil
  • 6 product lines
  • Ice sensor
  • Manual thermostat
  • Foam in place insulated bath

Specifications of Ice bank beer flash cooler Tayfun T160F

Part Number

Maximum Distance, Ft 25'
Capacity-Compressor (evap 20F), BTU/hr 3100
Capacity-Ice Bank, BTU/hr 7500
Ice Bank, Lbs 53
Dedicated Circuit, Amp 15
Voltage, Volt/Hz 115/60
Power Consumption, Watt 800
Compressor Power, HP 1/2hp
Thermostat, Type Manual
Number of Product Lines, Coils 6
Coil Diameter, ID-OD, In

1/4" - 5/16"

Coil Length (total), Ft 350
Pump Type, Part Number FloJet SPC42
Pump Flow Rate, Gal/Hr (water) 240
Refrigerant, Type R134a
Dimensions - WxDxH, In 32x19x23
Weight Net/Gross lbs 125/136

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