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This compact glycol flash chiller is perfect for wine on tap, water, or any other soft drink. UBC Kalinka 2 comes equipped with a 2-gal glycol tank, 1/6 hp compressor, and digital thermostat allowing you to regulate the temperature inside the glycol reservoir. The maximum distance is 25 ft, which makes Kalinka Wine on Tap Cooler ? HP ideal for long-draw systems in bars, restaurants, or outdoor events.

The way these flash chillers work is simple: inside the chiller, you have a bath of propylene glycol (or “glycol” for short). The cooled liquid from this bath is pumped continuously through a looped circuit of tubing (trunkline) connected to the glycol chiller. The cooling effect is achieved when the product line (which is a part of the trunkline) comes in contact with the glycol line.

The benefits of a flash chiller like this Kalinka 2 unit are numerous. First of all, they are super easy to install, even if you’ve had no prior refrigeration skills. Second, glycol chillers are not prone to the leaking of refrigerants. Finally, you get lower service and maintenance costs.

Wine on tap flash cooler UBC Kalinka 2 Specifications:

Part Number KG-1/6VP
Maximum Distance, ft 25'
Capacity, BTU/hr evap 20f 1150
Glycol Tank Capacity, gal 2
Dedicated Circuit, amp 15
Compressor Power, hp 1/6
Pump Type MID-5 or FloJet SPC42
Optional Additional Pump N/A
Thermostat Digital
Refrigerant R134A
Legs (optional) N/A
Dimensions WxDxH, in 17x19x17
Weight Gross / Net, lbs 42/46

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