Coopers Beer Kits & Refills

If you are looking to buy one of those famous Coopers beer kits for your homebrewing needs, there is no other better place on the Internet to do it than the official Beverage Craft website. We offer a wide variety of Coopers DIY beer kits and refills along with tons of other equipment for home brewing.

Whether you are an experienced homebrewer or this is your first time shopping for DIY beer products, you will find the right Cooper craft beer kit on our website. If you have any questions or not sure which kit to pick, please contact our sales team online - they will be there to help you make the right choice.

Coopers Home Brewing Kits

Coopers is arguably one of the most well-known brands producing beer kits, refills, hops, fermentables, and other homebrewing products.

The main thing about Coopers is that they design products that make homebrewing really easy and affordable - even if you have zero experience in homebrewing, you will still be able to jump right into it and become a homebrewer extraordinaire in no time.

What Is in a Coopers Home Brew Kit?

A typical Coopers DIY homebrew 6-gallon beer kit features everything you need to start brewing, even including bottles! Here’s what the kit contains:

  • Six-gallon single-stage fermenter
  • Thirty 740ml bottles with caps
  • Refill pack with brewing extract and yeast (enough to make 23 liters of beer) 
  • Coopers beer hydrometer 
  • Bottling wand 
  • Beer mixing spoon 
  • Brewing thermometer

Of course, every Cooper DIY beer kit comes with detailed instructions explaining the homebrewing process step by step.

Oh, and one more important thing - all the equipment in the kit is completely reusable, which means that all you need to brew another batch is a refill.

Coopers Beer Kit Refills

Coopers beer kit refills come in a wide variety of styles and tastes. From the all-time classic Lager to the exotic India Pale Ale, there’s something for everyone.

Typically, a beer kit refill features the extract itself plus a brew enhancer and carbonation drops. One refill is enough to produce around 23 liters of homebrewed beer.

How Long Does Coopers Take to Ferment?

It all depends on the style of beer - most of them are ready to drink in 21 days but some ales may take longer, up to 28 days. Here’s a quick breakdown of the process.

Typically, you would need around 20 minutes to mix the ingredients, then leave them to brew for approximately 7 days. After that, it's time to bottle (takes no more than 40 minutes) and ferment. Once the brew has been in the bottle for 2 weeks, you just have to cool it down and enjoy a fresh-brewed batch!

About Coopers

Coopers Brewery is one of the world's largest producers of DIY brewing extracts. Having started as a local brewery in Australia back in the 19th century, Coopers started producing DIY beer kits as early as the 1970s. 

Through a gradual expansion to the North American, European, and later global market, Coopers soon became the world’s top-selling brand of DIY beer extracts. 

Today, Coopers beer making starter kits allow us, craft beer enthusiasts, to make our own, great-tasting beer at home! With a variety of beers ranging from crisp refreshing Lagers to hop-filled IPAs or hearty Stouts, everyone will find something for themselves.

Where to Buy Coopers Beer Kits & Refills in Canada & the USA?

The best place to buy Coopers beer kits and refills (as well as any other home brewing equipment) is the official Beverage Craft website and online store.

We offer the best choice and always strive to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. Browse our selection, talk to our beer experts online if you need advice, place an order, and we’ll have it shipped directly to your door in Canada or the USA. The rest is up to beer magic.