Beer Making Refills

With a great variety of flavors available, beer making refills offer you a unique chance to enjoy fresh, tasty homebrew beer without any hassle. You can choose a new flavor practically every week - from vintage IPAs to stouts, beer-making refills have it all.

Beverage Craft offers a wide selection of beer-making refills from renowned brands like Coopers, Mr. Beer, and Brooklyn Brew Shop.

What Is Beer Making Refills and How to Use It?

Beer making refills are an integral part of a basic homebrew setup also consisting of the following elements:

  • Single-stage fermenter 
  • Plastic bottles (with caps)
  • Beer hydrometer 
  • Bottling wand 
  • Beer mixing spoon 
  • Brewing thermometer

Beer-making refills may come as part of a beer brewing starter kit or be sold as separate units. In its most basic form, a beer-making refill is hopped malt extract that (along with some other ingredients) can be used to brew a batch of beer using a beer-making kit.

As for the process, it is pretty straightforward to brew beer with beer-making refill kits - you just mix the ingredients in accordance with the recipe, then brew, and then wait for it to ferment. Typically, the beer itself takes about 30 minutes to brew, 10-14 days to ferment, and is ready to drink in 21-28 days.

Beer-making kit refills come in a wide variety of styles based on certain recipes developed by the manufacturer. This is especially great for homebrewers since they can easily brew some really exotic-tasting beers right in their kitchen.

What Is Included in Beer Making Mixes?

When you purchase a beer-making kit, it already contains one or two refills, which means you’re set and there’s nothing to worry about since you’ve got everything you need to brew beer at home with this kit.

When you’re out of refills and you need to get another beer making mix, you usually purchase it separately since the main elements of the kit are reusable. It all depends on the brand, but the best beer making mix would contain the following essential elements:

  • All-grain mix 
  • Beer-making yeast 
  • Hops

Additional elements might include a sanitizer, lactose sugar, and other custom ingredients required for certain styles of homebrewed beer.

What Brands of Beer Making Mixes Can You Buy in Our Online Store?

At Beverage Craft, we always ensure the best beer making mix price so that you could buy a beer making mix online and not break your bank. We offer products from three major manufacturers - Coopers Beer kits, Brooklyn Brew Shop, and Mr. Beer kits.

Coopers Beer Kits

One of the world's largest producers of DIY brewing extracts, Coopers started producing beer making kits as early as the 1970s, soon becoming the world’s top-selling brand of DIY beer extracts. With a variety of beers ranging from refreshing Lagers to hop-filled IPAs, Coopers beer kits have something for everyone.

Brooklyn Brew Shop

Brooklyn Brew Shop starter kits are our best sellers. The main idea behind the brand was to offer space-strapped New Yorkers a fun and easy way to brew home beer while also allowing them to make beer that’s as good as the one produced by the world’s best breweries - and do it at a low beer making mix cost.

Mr. Beer

Mr. Beer has been making homebrewing products in Canada since the early 1990s. Mr Beer kits quickly earned recognition among homebrewers due to their ease of use, consistently good quality, and a great variety of fine-tasting styles of beer.

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