Brooklyn Brew Shop Kits & Mixes

If you are looking to buy a Brooklyn Brew Shop kit for your homebrewing needs, you’ve come to the right place. Beverage Craft offers a wide variety of beer-making kits and mixes from the renowned New York brand.

Whether you are an experienced homebrewer or this is your first time shopping for DIY beer-making products, you will find what you’re looking for on our website. If you have any questions or not sure which kit to pick, please contact our sales team online - they will be there to help you make the right choice.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Home Brewing Starter Kits

Brooklyn Brew Shop beer making kits are a popular choice among many beginner homebrewers because these kits are easy to use, geared towards small-batch, stove-top brewing, and allow you to make some really great-tasting beer.

What Is in a Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit?

Brooklyn Brew Shop beer kits already have everything you need to start brewing right away so there’s no need to purchase any additional equipment or parts! A typical kit contains the following equipment and ingredients:

  • Beer-making mix + hops + yeast
  • One-gallon (3.8 L) glass fermenter 
  • Glass spirit-filled thermometer 
  • Vinyl tubing and tubing clamp
  • Racking cane & tip 
  • Chambered airlock 
  • No-rinse sanitizer 
  • Screw-cap stopper

One thing worth mentioning - all the equipment in any Brooklyn Brew Shop kit is reusable, which means that all you need to brew your next batch is another beer-making mix (plus sanitizer).

Brooklyn Brew Shop Mixes

Brooklyn Brew Shop beer-making mixes come in a huge variety of styles and tastes, with some truly original, great-tasting beers. From Oatmeal Stout to Green Tea Pale Ale and everything in between, there’s a flavor for everyone.

In addition to the mix itself, the beer refill package also includes hops and yeast. One refill mix is enough to produce around 1 gallon of homebrewed beer.

How Long Does Brooklyn Brew Shop Take to Ferment?

It all depends on the style of beer and recipe - most of them are ready to drink in 21 days but some styles may take longer, up to 28 days. See the instructions on your mix for detailed information on fermentation.

About Brooklyn Brew Shop

Brooklyn Brew Shop was launched more than a decade ago in New York! The main idea behind the brand was to offer space-strapped New Yorkers a fun and easy way to brew home beer - beer-making kits.

The idea seemed to take off and soon the brand was getting more popular among not only homebrewers but casual beer enthusiasts as well. People couldn’t believe that they could make real beer from real ingredients and do so without any special skills or equipment required.

With Brooklyn Brew Shop beer making starter kits, you can make beer that’s as good (if not better than) the one produced by the world’s best breweries.

Where to Buy Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kits & Mixes in Canada & the USA?

The best place to buy Brooklyn Brew Shop kits and refills (as well as any other home brewing equipment) is the official Beverage Craft website and online store. We offer the best selection and prices for Brookly Brew Shop in Canada and the USA.

Feel free to browse our Homebrewing section for quality products or talk to our online beer experts first if you need advice. Once you’ve placed an order, and we’ll have your kit shipped directly to your door.